It breaks my heart AND it gets me royally p**sed off when I see people treat homeless folks with no respect.

Those people are obviously in very tough situations and to judge them without knowing their circumstances is just cruel.

Now let’s hear from people on AskReddit about the kinds of folks they think get treated with less sympathy.

1. Too bad.

“People missing front teeth.

This really sucks too. My husband fell and broke a front tooth a few years ago. We’ve tried getting it fixed several times, but the fixes just break off.

We’re going to have to get him an implant, as he’s getting older, his teeth are getting more brittle. It’s just that implants cost as much as a damned used car.

You can tell that it has kind of k**led his confidence a little bit. He doesn’t smile as much as he used to. It absolutely blows.”

2. True.

“People who arent that good lookin or have bad social skills.

The irony is that low social skills are often the result of being treated badly for looks. Good looking people are given more leeway to correct a social gaffe.”

3. Awful.

“Poor people.

There’s a real disdain towards poorer people like they should magically be able to make more money.

For lots of people, they have disadvantages that make that more difficult- lack of education or support, lack of time, illness or disability, or even just being stuck in a neverending cycle and having to time/money/ability to get themselves out.

For some others, they prioritize other parts of life over money, and there’s nothing wrong with making that choice for yourself.”

4. In pain.

“People who have chronic pain.

Especially if the pain is being caused by something “invisible” and you look perfectly fine from an outside perspective.”

5. Misrepresented.

“People with schizophrenia.

My grandma was a licensed therapist and she loved them.

It broke her heart to always see them painted in a bad light on the news.”

6. Now you get it.

“I had a hard time sympathizing with people who suffer from severe anxiety. My attitude was always “just deal with it, stress is temporary.”

Last summer there was a series of events that triggered unprecedented anxiety for me, I didn’t eat for days at a time, barely slept, and could barely function at work. It was absolutely debilitating and felt completely uncontrollable.

A week on vacation helped but it came back as soon as I got home. So I went to my doctor and he prescribed a few meds, which helped a lot.

Now I understand that kind of crippling anxiety, and I’m a lot more sympathetic to those who struggle to manage it.”

7. Infuriating.

“I’m visually-impaired and trying to explain to people that not every blind / partially sighted person looks like a cartoon stereotype is infuriating and exhausting.”

8. Disabled.

“My mom used a prosthetic, has since moved to being in a wheelchair full time.

The dirty looks she used to get out when she parked in a handicap spot when she had the proper tags but could walk with little noticeable problems and could drive herself was ridiculous.

People are horrible.”

9. Every job is important.

“People in “unskilled” positions.

Sure, a burger flipper or custodian doesn’t need a college degree, but unskilled =/= not hard work. Having to prepare so much food in little time, deal with rude customers, and cleaning up stuff.

The number of stories of people smearing p**p on the walls. The stuff these people go through, people should feel sympathy.”

10. Like dirt.

“Ugly people.

Just because someone is less attractive doesn’t mean you have to treat them like dirt.”

11. All of these.

“People who stutter. People who are quiet. People with social anxiety. People who can’t speak English well.

Men who don’t earn. Men who earn less. Women who can’t conceive. People with mental disabilities.”

12. Sucks.

“I have autism and get this heavily.

I swear, people just have this 6th sense and can subconsciously mark who is just different even if they don’t realize it’s because of autism. I could meet someone new and we have a great conversation where I’m masking the entire time and don’t show that I’m autistic.

Then the next time I see them they just ignore me. I just thought everyone hated me as a kid and I still kinda do now.”

What kind of people do you think get treated with less sympathy?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

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