I like the phrase “never say never” when it comes to most things in life, but we all have to admit that there are certain types of people we’d probably never become friends with.

For me, I’d say people who are r**ist or have other extremely offensive beliefs about other people…and unfortunately, there are a lot of those folks out there.

Let’s see what folks on AskReddit had to say about this…

1. Gets old fast.

“People who don’t apologize for their mistakes, blame others for their problems, and generally complain without doing anything about their situation.”

2. A lot of that going around.

“People who can never admit they’re wrong about anything.

No matter how blatantly wrong they are.”

3. Gross.

“People who are overly rude and constantly laugh it off and call themselves “a**holes” as if it is an uncontrollable character trait.”

4. Master manipulators.

“People who abuse your trust and honesty to manipulate you.

Especially when they disguise it so well.

Had it one too many times, thankfully gets easier to spot but some people are freakishly good at it.”

5. Compulsive liars.

“People who lie over everything.

Like if your a compulsive liar where you are lying about s**t that doesn’t matter, that’s problematic.”

6. Bro…

“MLM dude-bros.

One of my best childhood friends dropped out of college to join one of these. He tells me he is gonna have $20 million by the time he turns 30.

Spoiler alert, he does not.”

7. Give it a rest.

“Ultra competitive people.

They will always be cheering against you and will rarely be honest.”

8. Guilt trippers.

“People who pressure me into doing things I don’t like and guilt trip me when I refuse.

Things like drinking.”

9. Move on.

“Fake people.

I’ve learned to spot them and immediately move to ignore these people.”

10. One-uppers.

“People who listen to you tell a whole story about something that happened and then respond with “Oh well that’s not nearly as bad as what happened to me. This one time…””

11. Yikes.


One of my girlfriend’s friends thinks she’s one.

She tried to deter my gf from dating me because I don’t have a ton of Instagram followers (recently found this out)

She’s insanely vapid and self obsessed. Her boyfriend is a meek pushover and sat there while she said her 2 carat diamond engagement ring was ok for now but she expects at least a 3 carat in the next few years.

Their photos on their custom wedding page (the wedding hasn’t happened yet) makes sure to mention which designer clothes this girl is wearing in each picture.

I’m glad my gf is drifting from this “friend” because it’s honestly so pathetic and sad.”

12. They’re everywhere.

“Those people who claim they are “Brutally Honest” but in actuality it’s just an excuse to be a d**khead.”

What kind of person can you not be friends with?

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