I’m sure you know at least one person in your life who used to be a vegan or a vegetarian and now has a love affair with meat.

I’m right, aren’t I…?

I knew it!

And today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about why they stopped being vegans and vegetarians.

Check out what they had to say!

1. Exhaustion.

“I was vegetarian for over a decade but was constantly having to take iron supplements.

To make matters worse my body was not absorbing the vegetarian sources of iron including loads of leafy greens or even vegetarian iron supplements at all (no change after 6months) and I had to use the ones from animal sources anyway. I felt i gave it a good hot go!

Once I started exercising I was always tired and hungry too. I don’t eat all meats, I eat kangaroo (it’s over populated here and culled) and fish but I’m actually making progress in fitness and no longer exhausted.”

2. Craved it.

“I was vegetarian for over 20 years.

While having chemotherapy I was craving protein so went back to meat.

Later lived off grid and ate our own chickens, pigs and goats.”

3. Feeling sick.

“Found out my body just trends towards anemia.

I was vegetarian for 5 years as a teenager and just dealt with it but then I got really ill and my doctor basically told me I would need monthly iron infusions or I could eat meat again. I chose meat.

Tried to go back to vegetarianism recently but felt such an enormous drop in energy levels I just couldn’t maintain it.”

4. Had to stop.

“I stopped being vegetarian because of how it enabled my eating disorder, which I went to recovery for 12 years ago. I’ve considered myself fully recovered for the past 9 or so years.

I’ve basically banned myself from banning anymore food groups ever again because of this. I’ll allow myself to “eat less of X food” like ice cream or meat or whatever but removing a food group from my diet is too risky for me.

Turning down food “because I can’t (choose not to) eat it” is way too addictive. No thanks.”

5. Felt too limited.

“I’ve been vegetarian for 9 years nearly 10. Recently started eating fish after a trip to Texas. Got tired of always being so limited on food options.

Since eating fish again, I have much more energy and feel quite healthy. Cooking and meal planning is also significantly easier.”

6. Needed to change.

“I am predisposed to iron deficiency anemia and almost d**d.

Fainted one time too many resulting in head injury. Even while eating met and taking supplements, I am very anemic. I needed transfusions for a while. Being vegan almost k**led me even with eating the right diet. Birth control (so I don’t bleed so much monthly) and plenty of iron rich foods I am doing ok now.

Kudos to you guys who can do it, right now I raise my own meat and hunt which is the best way tbh grocery store foods still gross me out which was the reason for going vegan in the beginning.”

7. I need some chicken.

“I was training for an Ironman triathlon.

I know there are loads of vegan distance athletes out there ki**in’ it, but on my budget/lack of creativity I found myself eating spoonfuls of coconut oil to get calories. Then I read coconut oil production is also super destructive and just got so frustrated and angry.

Shortly after I got dizzy and fell off my bike, nearly skidding down a steep hill into the Yarra River, and that night I ate a whole rotisserie chicken.”

8. No energy.

“I’ve tried to be a vegetarian two different times in my life. Both times I had to stop after a few months because I got tired of having no energy, feeling tired all the time and having problems concentrating.

And yes, I was taking all the recommended supplements and vitamins at the times. As soon as I switched over to a more omnivorous diet, all the bad symptoms went away in a few days.

Today I do eat meat, but I try to keep my consumption down and only do it about 2 times per week. This seems to be the best balance for me.”

9. Happened twice.

“First time as a teen wasn’t eating right (parents didn’t know nutrition) and almost fainted down some stairs.

Second time as an adult are right and still nearly fainted. Turns out I have a mild fructose intolerance so even options like beans aren’t ideal for me.”

10. Carnivore life.

“I moved to the country and started a homestead. We were vegetarian to avoid supporting factory farming but didn’t want to spent $12/lbs for chicken.

Once we started raising chickens, pigs, ducks, geese, and rabbits while being able to hunt for venison, we swing waaaaay back into the carnivore column.”

11. Wow.

“A car crash.

I was badly injured and lost a lot of blood. Afterwards I could barely eat but I kept craving a cheeseburger. My friend took me to Maccies and l got me one saying if my body needs it then it needs it.

I was diagnosed with anaemia shortly after and told I can either take iron tablets, have shots once a month or just have meat occasionally. I took the fish, burger and occasional chicken breast route.

Sometimes I try new meats (I was a veggie for 10+ years) and I still can’t cook meat apart from fish. But I tend to be curious and if there’s lamb to try I will. But I still h**e processed meat, I won’t touch sausages or sandwich meat etc.”

12. The diagnosis.

“I was diagnosed celiac and all my safe foods became dangerous. But I’m healthy and alive.

One year in and thinking of going back vegetarian now that I know what having celiac means.”

Are you a former vegan or vegetarian?

If so, tell us your story in the comments.

Thanks in advance!