I’m gonna spill my guts…and it might make me sound a little bit weird.

I have a WAY harder time dealing with animals who are in pain and animals who die in movies than I do with actual human beings.

The scene in White Fang where he yells at his dog and makes it leave…oh man…I can’t handle that kind of stuff. I saw that movie almost 30 years ago and I still get choked up. And it ends happily ever after in the end, so I don’t even know why I still get sad…

Are there certain movie endings that always make you cry?

Let’s get all sappy with AskReddit users.

1. On a mission.

“What Dreams May Come

A film about a man (Robin Williams) who dies and goes to heaven.

His wife dies some time later and is sent to Hell.

He decides to find her.”

2. That’s a good one.

““He can’t see without his glasses.”

And I sob.

The name of the movie is My Girl (1991).”

3. All choked up.


The way it zooms out with the “a whole life long”…

Every time.”

4. I’m actually crying now.

“The Fox and The Hound.

What I love about this movie is that every character makes you feel bad for them. You feel bad for Tod and Copper for their lost friendship. You feel bad for Tod’s mother being killed.

You feel bad for Tweed for having to give up Tod. You feel bad for Chief for nearly dying, and strangest of all, you even feel bad for Slade for all the trouble Tod caused him through the movie.

What makes it unique is that out of all the Disney villains, Slade is the least evil and most justified in his actions. He’s a jerk, yes, and his hunting job is demonized, but it’s a normal living and everything he did in that movie was legal (until he trespasses in the game reserve).

Tweed adopted an illegal pet and failed to control him so that he trespassed on Slade, then he got Slade’s best friend nearly killed. It’s understandable why he’d be so distraught and bent on vengeance. Even when he has a chance to kill Tod, he chooses not to, and instead goes back to a more friendly relationship with Tweed.

They took a villain that they had every right to make evil and give a nasty death scene, and instead made him a sympathetic, human character. IMO this is the best Disney dark age movie because of this.”

5. A great one.

“Edward Scissorhands.

I can make it through the entire movie until they show him in the house alone making snow. It kills me!

Even though I HATE actors in old person makeup, when she says “before it never snowed, and now it does” I sob.”

6. Emotional.

“The montage at the end of And The Band Played On…

Where they showed all the people who died of AIDS always kills me. Princess Di was alive when the movie was made, and they had a video of her at an orphanage with HIV+ babies.

She did so much to normalize the humanity of people with AIDS back then. Touching and cuddling those babies when hardly anyone would. And knowing that she’s gone now too gets me every time.

Plus the Elton John song the montage is set to is really emotional too.”

7. Breaking down.

“Steel Magnolias. When they are all in the cemetery and Sally Field totally breaks down.

She says something like “I’m so mad I want to hit something” and they say “hit Weezer” and it’s this moment where you laugh but tears are streaming down your face.”

8. Same here.

“All Dogs Go to Heaven.

I think I might even cry more the older I get…”

9. Big Fish.

“Big Fish

Don’t want to spoil it too much, but when everyone from the dad’s tales show up at the end gets me every time.”

10. A fountain of tears.

“Life is Beautiful.

The horror and brutality through the whole movie leaves me feeling cold, numb, and depressed.

Then the boy cries out “Mama!” at the very, very end, and the joy that mother must feel to find her child after all that brings all the buried emotions back up and out comes a fountain of tears.”

11. Mulan.

“It isn’t a sad movie but for me it’s Mulan, after she presents her father with the sword of Shan Yu and the crest of the emperor.

Her dad ignores them and says “the greatest gift of all is having you for a daughter”.

Don’t know how many hours in my life I have spent wishing to hear that my dad is proud of me, so to see a dad say something like that to his daughter is just…the feels.”

12. I see dead people.

“The Sixth Sense.

“Grandma says you asked her a question when she died, she says the answer is ‘every day’, what did you ask her momma?”

“I asked… ‘did I make you proud’.”

13. Oh man…

“Homeward Bound.

It was too far, he was just too old.”

14. Memories.


My grandfather had dementia and couldn’t remember me the last time he saw me but showed me the house of my grandparents where I basically grew up in like I was a visitor.

I miss him so so much. My Opapa.”

15. I don’t think I can watch this.

“Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.

I bawl from about halfway until the end..”

16. Good stuff.

“Kubo and the Two Strings.

The whole climax of that movie is emotionally devastating but the final scene with the villagers and then the lanterns on the water transitioning into the Regina Spektor version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps…that movie is so good.”

17. All torn up.

“That final shot of Monsters Inc. will always make me tear up.

When Sully pokes his head in and we hear Boo say “Kitty!” that’s just such a great ending.”

18. Gutted.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The revelation that their shared happiness was short lived, the reminder that happy endings don’t always last, and that the old world the hotel represented had already long vanished in the darkness of war.

The way the plot’s nesting doll framing device pulls back out to the present, a young woman reading about it in a snowy graveyard.

Just guts me every time.”

19. Oh, man…

“The Iron Giant.

“You stay, I go. No following”

God d*mn…”

20. Gets you every time.

“Inside Out.

The scene when Riley comes home at the end always gets me.

The first time I watched this was on a plane. There is a phenomenon where people are more emotional when flying alone. It was not pretty.

I can’t imagine what other people were thinking watching me cry to a cartoon.”

21. All the feels.

“Mr. Holland’s Opus.

The way his former students all come back to pay tribute to him and perform the song he’d spent his entire career composing.

It always hits me in the feels.”

22. I’m not touching this movie.

“Marley and Me.

I only watched the whole movie once. I bawled my eyes out and since then, I only watch until they move into the “last” house because I wouldn’t be able to take it again.

Really cute movie up until that point though.”

23. A good flick.

“Train to Busan.

I made the mistake of watching it for the first time about 3 weeks after my son was born.

I had no idea what it was about except “zombies” and I bawled the entire last 10 minutes.”

24. Classic!

“It’s a Wonderful Life.

To my big brother George, the richest man in town.”

25. Underrated.

“October Sky.

Really good “difficult relationship with Dad” stuff.

Gets me every time.”

26. Glory.


The last time I watched it I had to make a promise to myself to never watch it again for my emotional wellbeing.”

27. A great film.

“Stand by Me.

Always reminds me of my friend group in high school and how we slowly drifted apart.”

28. Here come the waterworks.

“I Am Sam.

It’s a heartwarming movie about a 40-year-old guy with mental disabilities and has the mental capacity of a 7-year-old. He has a kid with a lady, who leaves him, making him raise a little girl on his own.

Child Protective Services takes the daughter away, and Sam, the 40-year-old guy, with the help of a lawyer, try to get back custody of his child.

It is so freaking beautiful! It gets me every time!”

29. Just something about it…

“When the sisters get back together at the end of “A League of Their Own”.

Something about it just always gets me in the feels…”

Okay, now it’s your turn!

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