Some things in our world just seem untouchable and are put on a pedestal as if they can’t be criticized.

That includes certain artists, celebrities, trends, etc.

But all of that stops TODAY, friends.

People on AskReddit talked about what they think needs to stop being put on a pedestal.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Agreed.


They’re selected for a job, and a lot of them do it poorly, but are still treated like celebrities.

Also celebrities shouldn’t be put on a pedestal either.”

2. Good point.

“Giving all and everything to a job. The reality is very few places truly care about employees. Your job is a transactional relationship.

You owe them nothing except the hours you work and the jobs you must accomplish during that time. Don’t give up your sick days, work for free, or feel you “owe” them.”

3. Call it out.

“Narcissism disguised as “oh that’s just their personality”.

Call it what it is.”

4. Stop hustling.

“Being too busy, hustle culture, not getting enough sleep from all the demands to keep up with.”

5. Let it all out.

“Gatekeeping information.

There is nothing cool or admirable about withholding knowledge, especially from someone younger/more inexperienced than you.

Just comes off insecure.”

6. Amen!

“Influencers! Please stop admiring these useless people!

7.You are my hero.

“99% of people being called a “hero”.

A hero is just that, a hero. Every person that served in the military is not a hero. (just an example) By this I do NOT mean that no one in the military could be a hero. Far from it.

But it seems that nowadays simply putting on a uniform makes one a hero.”

8. Gross.

“Getting dru**k. Binge Drinking

The more you drink, the tougher you are. Taking shots just to prove to others how much you can handle.

All to wake up with a nasty hangover the next day.”

9. A strange one…

“Having mental illness

To be clear, I’m very happy our society is moving in a direction where people can be open about mental illness and can seek treatment without shame. But holy f**k do people romanticize the s**t out of mental illness.

And then you get fools who convince themselves they have mental illness so they can be special or part of a community and stigmatize the illness for people who actually have it.”

10. Can’t stand this.

“Masking rudeness as ‘honesty’, and when they say something that hurts someone they are ‘just calling a spade a spade’.”

11. It’s true.

“Big, high cost of living cities.

There are a lot, like a LOT, of pretty nice medium and small cities too that no one ever talks about or considers, but can get you a pretty nice quality of life.”

12. Interesting.

“Military service.

I was in the military. It was a job. My sense of patriotism and service to country was no higher than anybody else’s. I wasn’t a “hero.”

I graduated high school, couldn’t afford college, and I needed a job. You don’t have to thank me for my service.”

13. Pretty weird.

“The fandom stuff of celebrities.

It just doesn’t make sense to be so caught up in their day to day, like yeah, i like and love some of their work, but I could care less about their personal lives.

I can’t imagine what turning your life over to a public spotlight would be like, I’d like to get rich, but f**k being famous.”

14. Yes.

“People treating disabled people like human beings with unique personalities, interests, and aspirations.

Newsflash! That should be the standard!”

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