The older I get, the more EVERYTHING makes me uncomfortable…

Maybe the isolation of Covid added to it, but I’ve become a bit of a hermit the past few years.

I’m still not at the point where I’m yelling at kids to get off my lawn, but I’m getting there…

Let’s see what normal things make people on AskReddit uncomfortable.

1. Just stay cool.

“Walking through the stolen product alarms at store exits always makes me nervous even though I’ve never stolen anything in my life.”

2. The worst.

“Bumping into people I knew in high school.

“Please don’t remember me, please don’t remember me”.”

3. Don’t say that.

“People saying my name while im working because im wearing a name tag.

A lot of people do it to feel more of a connection or whatever, it makes me unbelievably uncomfortable hearing strangers call me by my name without me introducing myself.”

4. Let’s play the quiet game.

“Having to talk to someone when there’s silence.

Sometimes I just wanna be around you and chill, or I just don’t feel like talking.

Doesn’t make me sad or anything.”

5. Awkward.

“Interacting with extended family.

I rarely see them, so the conversation feels forced.

Plus I can’t just say anything that’s on my mind like I would around good friends, or else I’d risk becoming the topic of family gossip for all the wrong reasons.”

6. Solo eater.

“Eating in front of other people.

Nothing like listening to people chew and talk with their mouths full for half an hour…”

7. Stop!

“People singing in front of me.

Like sincerely, unironically singing. I have no idea how to react to it.

If a partner ever tried to serenade me I would moonwalk off a bridge.”

8. I’m innocent.

“Walking past the police.

I try too hard to make it look like I’ve done nothing.

Even though I really haven’t…”

9. Not a fan.

“Going to the dentist.

Hygiene and self care are important.

But sitting in a chair with someone’s hands all over my teeth, silently judging me makes me uncomfortable.”

10. Don’t do that.


Any time I receive a compliment, my go-to deflection is “That’s just a rumor.” It makes people chuckle and they usually move on.

“You’re really great at this!”

“That’s just a rumor.”

“Oh, haha!””

11. Better come up with something quick.

“Being asked if I’m busy or if I have plans for the weekend.

I h**e answering that question, if I say no people assume i owe them my time. If I say yes they try to reschedule me. Just tell me what you want and I’ll tell you if it works or not.”

12. That’s enough.

“Prolonged eye contact.

Even with friends if we are talking and I maintain eye contact for longer than 5-10 seconds I feel weird.”

What makes you uncomfortable?

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