Now, this is gonna be a lot of fun!

It’s kind of funny to think about how the stuff we hear over and over in our homes growing up seem totally normal to us, and then once we repeat them to an outsider, we realize no one else on the planet has a clue what we’re talking about.

But that’s the good stuff that makes every family interesting!

People on AskReddit shared the sayings that are unique to their families.

1. Classic Dad joke.

“My dad is a neurologist. Anytime I complained that I was bored he would ask me “board certified?”.

Took years for me to finally get it…”

2. Totally normal.

“As a kid whenever I would say ‘I don’t know what to wear!’ my Grandma would say ‘Put a raisin in your belly button and go as a cookie’.”

3. I get it!

“‘Get your poop in a group!’

Ya know, instead of ‘Get your sh*t together’.”

4. You know where it is…

“My mom would always say “it’s behind the milk!” when we would look for something and couldn’t find it.

Inevitably whatever we were looking for one day was simply behind the milk in the fridge and we couldn’t find it.

My mom exclaimed this from across the house in frustration and it became the exclamation for anything someone is trying to find. Meaning look harder, actually move other objects instead of just blankly staring.”

5. Hahahaha.

“My nan used to say ‘who’s she, the cat’s mother?’ whenever you told a story with too many pronouns and she lost track of characters.”

6. Huh?

“My dad would tell us to “cough it up it could be a gold watch” if you were coughing.

I never understand it.”

7. A good one.

“I have yet to hear anyone else say it and I stole it from my dad but if something was broken he would say, “it’s bucking fusted”.

Miss you dad

8. A bone in my leg.

“When my grandma would say “I got a bone in my leg” when she asked us kids to fetch stuff for her. It was her reason for not doing it herself.

I felt so bad for her when I was super small. I really thought she’d hurt her leg or something. Like “would you bring me an iced tea? I got a bone in my leg.””

9. What time dark?

“”What time dark” was something we would say to ask like the general question of when was like dinner and down time.

Turns out my parents were drunk on vacation in a different part of the world before me and my sister were born when my mom turned to my dad and proclaimed “what time dark”. Because she wanted to see the sun set but couldn’t get the thoughts together.

So from 1-16 I thought it was a common saying, and from 16-24 when my mom passed everytime she said something stupid we would just go “WhAt TiMe dArK???””

10. Never heard that one before.

“”Red shoes, no knickers.”

My mum said this, that there’s an implication women wearing red shoes weren’t wearing any undies. Still haven’t met anyone who has ever heard of it.”

11. Just so you know…

“’You got goats.’

My family’s way of saying you had a wedgie, because it looked like there was a goat in your crack eating your pants.

Quite embarrassing when I found out that wasn’t a common phrase.”

12. Where’d you get that?

“When something new turned up and we’d ask my dad where it came from his reply was always “stole it from a blind man down on the corner”.”

13. I like this one.

“Growing up with an Asian mom that was working on perfecting her English, she would often say “Aw that is the suck” instead of, you know, “that sucks”.

Didn’t take long for us to catch on and correct her but it was so funny we just kinda stuck to it, so when something is sh*tty now, I’ll instinctively say in my head “well that is the suck”.”

14. You’re on your own.

“Whenever we were to fend for ourselves for dinner, my mom called it “getchuroni” (getchu-your-oni).”

15. A head-scratcher.

“When my great grandpa was asked if he was ready he would say, “well I ain’t Freddy, Im Freddy’s brother, Killowatt.”

No one understood it, but when I’m the ancient person in the family I’m gonna start saying it too, to bewilder my younger family members.”

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