I really hope that I never get interrogated by the police, because I have such a guilty conscience that I’d probably confess to something I didn’t even do just to get it over with.

And yes, I’m aware that this is not a good thing…

I guess my point is that I’m really not good at keeping things inside that bother me.

AskReddit users opened up shared secrets they needed to get off their chests.

Let’s take a look.

1. Wow.

“I messed up the promotional posters of a well-known martial arts film by editing its Wikipedia article with incorrect character names before it came out.

The company in charge of the posters was incompetent enough to use Wikipedia as its source for the names of the characters.”

2. Not my father.

“I found out my dad is not my biological father.

My dad d**d last year. After that I took this DNA test because “it would be fun to find more about my dad’s family”. Well… Instead I got 50% match with a man I don’t know suggesting that he is my father.

I haven’t yet contacted him or confronted my mom. I don’t know what to do with this information.”

3. No feelings.

“I don’t love my nephew (yet).

People seem to instantly fall in love with babies, but as I held his 2-day old baby, I felt absolutely nothing for him emotionally. I mean, I care for him and all, but I just feel nothing.

It was the same for my two nieces when they were born. I felt nothing for them until they were about 3 months old, and they could remember my face and would actively look for me/remember me. Now I can’t imagine my life without those 2 girls and I love them to d**th.

It kinda makes me feel like a sh**ty uncle for not instantly loving these kids from the moment I first met them.”

4. Lone wolf.

“I dont feel close to some people in my life and I’ve known them for 10+ years. Like i don’t know what to talk about with them anymore, you know?

I’m sure they feel the same way, we don’t talk that often. Makes me sad sometimes. I feel like a lone wolf again.”

5. A bad situation.

“I don’t love all but one of my siblings, and I have enough baggage from my parents to fill an airport.

I just pretend I don’t because I can’t get away from them yet and they’re intolerable to be around if they think even the smallest thing is wrong.”

6. Concerned.

“For a long while I’ve been generally apathetic about most things.

Like feeling anything other than nothing is too much effort. I had pretty much accepted thats just how I was now.

But recently, not even org**ms feel “as good” anymore, and it’s starting to concern me a little.”

7. Where’s the proof.

“I tell people that my mom taught Jay-Z at Trenton High School.

I mean it’s possible and likely, but I have no actual proof.”

8. Over it.

“That the demands of the world seem like such a waste of time.

If I had my way I’d move somewhere I could enjoy the sunset and call it good.”

9. The widow life.

“As a widow I want to viciously slap married people who treat their spouses like s**t.

Why do you still get your spouse and CHOSE to be an **shole to each other?

Why did my husband, who I loved and adored, and he loved and adored me back have to d** while two ungrateful piles of s**t just go around making sure they ruin their spouse’s days?”

10. Faking it.

“Since I escaped an abusive relationship I’ve tried a lot, and i mean a lot of relationships but truth is, even if I feel attraction at first and I can show care, love attention, etc… It feels fake.

Deep inside I don’t feel a s**t besides being mildly h**ny and get bored of the relationship faster than with some games.

I’m really tired of this.”

11. Every day is the same.

“Since cCovid hit my life has been on perpetual replay.

Work, watch baby, laundry, dishes, sleep a little repeat. Well lately I’ve been having days where I just HATE having my wife and kids around.

I just pretend I’m ok and everything’s fine but yeah, inside I’m just like “f**k I’m sick of doing this s**t every f**king day”.”

12. Scandalous.

“My mom is cheating on my dad and has been for a while now.

She doesn’t know I know and I don’t know which of them to tell, or if I should just ignore it and stay out of their business.”

13. Fine at home.

“I have already been vaccinated (first dose only) but I haven’t told anyone because I don’t want people to start making plans socially with me.

I’d rather stay home.”

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