I have a friend who has a son with diabetes and, as you may already know, the price of insulin in this country is OUTRAGEOUS.

And I think it honestly borderlines on criminal behavior…

And there are a lot of things out there these days that AskReddit users think are too expensive.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Stuck.

“My biggest stressor right now is that I need dental work done.

I work full time and can’t afford to save a dime, my dental work is worth more than two months wages.

Absolutely no idea what to do.”

2. Predators.

“Funerals, and the up-selling is f**king disgusting.

Preying on grieving families, guilting them into more expensive coffins etc.”

3. Not cool.


Who got away with making them so expensive?

It’s ridiculous.”

4. Ridiculous.


5 years ago I had to buy a bottle out of pocket because my insurance company was sucking at life:

$362 for one bottle of Humalog from CVS. I use one bottle about every 2 weeks.”

5. Sad.

“Small one bedroom apartments.

It shouldn’t be so difficult to afford a basic space.”

6. Way too high!


We actually cracked the code with nuclear and if we had stuck with it globally certainly would’ve gotten to fusion much faster.

For the amount of energy nuclear fission produces it’s currently one of if not the safest, cleanest and over the entire life span of a plant cheapest energy you can get.”

7. You have to pay for it.

“Glasses and contact lenses.

Hurts my soul that I have to pay a lot of money to literally see when others can do it for free.”

8. Good point.

“Not being wealthy

. Not being able to afford bulk buying, lack of choice in services due to cost, having to use credit, paying interest, paying taxes.

It’s expensive being poor.”

9. Not anymore.

“Fast food.

People bought it before because it was convenient and cheap.

It really isn’t cheap anymore.”

10. Pretty much.

“Almost everything in the US that is necessary for living.

Education, healthcare, safety, fresh and healthy food.”

11. Amen!

“Travel between major cities in the US.

We should have a much more efficient high speed train network instead of relying on inefficient airplanes.”

12. Pure greed.


In my area, someone is renting a 20 year old singlewide trailer in a trailer park that is $1400 a month.

The greed by landlords is ruining people’s lives.”

What do you think is way too expensive?

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