If you’re someone who wears women’s underpants, there’s a good chance you’ve wondered at one time or another what that extra little flap of crotch fabric is for – or if it has any real purpose at all?

We ponder many things on the toilet, right? So why should this be any different?

It might surprise you to learn that it does in fact have a purpose (even if most of us have probably never realized it before now).

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This little pocket is called a “gusset” or “crotch lining,” and is defined as “a triangular or rhomboidal piece of fabric inserted into a seam to add breadth or reduce stress from tight-fitting clothing.”

Basically, it’s there to let your lady parts breathe no matter how tight your pants are.

It might sound silly or even a little superfluous, but the truth is that women’s genitals are very sensitive. They’re easily irritated, aggravated, and even inflamed by the smallest changes in their environment.

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The “gusset” acts as an inner layer of protection from bacteria or harmful bacterial infections by making our underwear more breathable.

Anyone who has ever had a yeast infection knows that’s definitely something to avoid at all costs.

If you’re wondering why your “fancy” panties might not have one, it’s because those are made to be worn for shorter periods of time (ahem), so you’re less likely to have to worry about things like bacteria and yeast having a chance to grow.

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Did you have any idea? Does this explanation surprise you?

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