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AITA for telling my wife to shut up during labor?

“First of all, I (F) was pregnant and I gave birth two days ago.

Our first child was from my wife’s pregnancy (F) and we decided that this time it would be me who would give birth to our daughter.

My wife had a natural, home and humanized birth. It was a unique but extremely terrifying moment.

I was in doubt about which birth I would like to have, because I was very afraid of the natural and of the pain (labor), but my wife encouraged me and said that it was a unique moment (without demeaning cesarean mothers) and that it was worth every second. So I decided to have a natural and humanized, but hospital birth.

When my water broke and I went to the hospital, out of encouragement (she didn’t push or stay on top), I decided to go ahead without anesthesia.

Do you know hell? I played rock-paper-scissors and lost best of 3 with the devil and came back.

It was a lot of pain and the expulsion phase, oh my god. I just followed it because I h**e needles and it’s enough at the end, I didn’t want a needle in the back. (Trying to justify it, I would have a panic attack at the beginning if I asked for anesthesia, but it would be at the beginning, but in the end with a panic attack it is not possible).

My wife was wonderful, honestly, but due to the stress of childbirth and the pain, she was irritating me a lot, saying “go strong, OP”, “go on, you’re strong”, “just a little longer”.

And when she said “Can you take a little more pushing”.

I just said “Shut up, I’m just like this because you decorated and flowered this birth for me” (I was screaming and crying)

She went quiet and our daughter was born after a while.

I honestly forgot I said that, it was really a moment and in a lot of pain, but I noticed she was weird with me after we went to the house.

After 1 day of silent treatment, I asked her why she was like this and she got mad saying “Don’t you know? You told me to shut up at the birth of our daughter, I was so embarrassed and almost ruined the moment”

I even apologized and explained that it was purely for the moment, but she is super upset with me.


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