People, aren’t they the worst?

Well, maybe that’s a bit of a generalization, but you have to admit that a lot of folks out there have traits that make them totally creepy.

You know I speak the truth!

And these AskReddit users shared their thoughts on this subject.


“When someone tells little white lies about themselves to “fit in”

Theres a new girl at work who does it. The girls where talking about pregnancy and one girl said she has the worst 2 deliveries and she didn’t dilate etc.

The new girl says “oh me too! I didn’t dilate either I was in labor 50 hours for both my pregnancies etc” then 10 mins later she’s talking to a different woman coworker alone, this coworker says she had such a easy time with her 3 kids all of them took less than 3 hours etc etc.

The new girl says “omg me too girl! My 2 deliveries were so simple I was there may a hour in labor, they both came right out no issues at all!”

She wasnt aware I was working and in ear shot for both conversations. I was behind a heating cabinet making orders. It made me cringe so f**king hard. I cant stand people who feel the need to lie to be themselves.”

A bit too much.

“People who act super friendly from the get go.

Like dude we just met, don’t give me a nickname and be all touchy feely.

I know some people are just like that, and there’s no weird intentions behind their actions, but god it sets off my “don’t trust this person” sensors.”

Grossed out.

“When a guy is talking to you but his eyes go up and down your body.

Like we can’t see you doing it !!

I feel like I need a shower after meeting one of them.”

I’m a great guy!

“Hands down—nice guys!

Not men who are nice; men who have to tell you that their nice guys.

Anyone that has to tell you anything really, almost 100% guarantee that the opposite is true.”

Mind your business.

“People who belittle other people’s harmless passions and hobbies because they don’t understand them.

It feels like they’re trying to get mad at others because their own lives aren’t interesting.”

Don’t brag about it.

I have a coworker who brags about having anger issues.

He starts smirking, as if that’s so impressive and intimidating.

I think it makes him sound like a creep.”

You can tell.

“Over the top enthusiasm and optimism.

Not to be confused with genuine enthusiasm and optimism, those are good traits.

I mean the incredibly high energy, inauthentic type.”

You’re making me uncomfortable.

“A few years ago, went on a date with a woman, ordered drinks at the bar and appetizers.

Drinks came, hers had a straw in it. She made a big production of putting her mouth on the straw, sucking VERYYYY slowly, then making an O-face about how good it was.

When ordering appetizers, she said she wanted “finger food”. I’ve honestly never been so creeped out over someone biting into a cheese curd, then grabbing my hand to ask about what mine tasted like. I’m assuming they were from the same batch, sooooo…”

Take it back.

“When grown male strangers compliment my daughters physically. It immediately gives me the creeps and makes me want to run.

Not saying they are all pedos for calling them beautiful, but man do I immediately feel the need to zoom.”

Didn’t ask.

“Those who find a way to fit in comments about your look/appearance.

I had a teacher tell me I should wear leggings more often because I dressed too modest.”

Not feeling that.

“People who start talking to you in poetry randomly.

I know a guy. He lives near me. He’s in a much higher grade than me, but is a lot younger. He carries a knife. He doesn’t know personal space and gets in your zone a lot. We were in the same school play.

He kept quoting one of the lines from the play: “Love is a gentle kiss”. He said this softly in my ear while attempting to kiss me. Once he asked me to walk home with him. I did so because I didn’t want to insult him. He began spouting on-the-spot improvised poetry out of his a**.

The poetry was about how mankind keeps advancing and doesn’t enjoy life. He hugged me later.”

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