Let me get an upgrade, upgrade!

It sure would be nice to be able to sing that song (or snap our fingers) and upgrade whatever we wanted about our bodies, don’t you think?

I guess we can all dream…

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Good luck to you.

“The ability to regenerate neurons.

I was paralyzed in a vehicle accident last year. I’m hopeful that in the future I’ll be able to regain some function.

Unfortunately, it still seems pretty far away.”

2. Stronger joints.

“Stronger backs and hips. Stronger joints in general.

If we live until around 70 that stuff shouldn’t be falling apart in your 30s.”

3. Yes!

“Instant sleep.

I’m always jealous of puppies zooming around one second and then completely sound asleep the next.”

4. No more noise.

“Make the ears as close as the eyes are.

Just close them and sound is off.”

5. Good one.

“A way to drain the lungs from the bottom so we don’t suffocate from our own mucous if we become too old or weak to cough it up.”

6. The Big C.

“Producing our own vitamin C in our livers like 99% of all other animals.

Sometimes I see goats just chilling in the sun and I know those smug b**tards are mocking my inability to make my own vitamin C.”

7. Just like dogs.

“No atherosclerosis, like dogs.

They also had some feature of the heart that makes heart attacks a lot less dangerous, I think it was that the heart muscle was supplied redundantly.”

8. Less stress.

“Stress responses that are able to handle long term issues and not just the immediate ones that our ancestors had.”

9. Truth.

“The ability to burn excess fat at will. The ability to turn on/off fertility.

The ability to hook up to a USB-C adapter to gain extra energy at will and run system diagnostics to figure out exactly what’s wrong with the body when ailed.”

10. Brain upgrade.

“Upgraded brain capacity.

We’re capable of thinking and reasoning and working out all kinds of complicated things.

But the theory is many of us don’t because it’s hard. It requires energy and time. So it’s easier to rely on gossip from your neighbors about the state of the world than work things out for ourselves.

We believe so much wrong information and the world suffers because of this.”

11. Sounds nice.

“Not having to go pee so regularly.

The body should be able to collect it and dispose of it like once a day.”

12. Like a car!

“A body analyzer to show what’s wrong instead of guessing why things hurt or why you feel sick or tired.”

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