Would it be too much to ask for the restaurant chain Chi Chi’s to make a comeback in the U.S.?

I think there still might be one in Belgium or something, but for some reason, they all vanished from our country.

And I loved that place!

Part of the reason was probably that two of my siblings used to work there when they were in high school so we’d go quite a bit.

What was discontinued that you want to see make a comeback?

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What happened?

“Levi’s definitely changed how they made their jeans.

They just don’t fit the same…

And the materials feel very different.”

Bring it back!

“The $1 fast food menu.

I remember when hamburgers at McDonalds were 39 cents (I think it was tuesdays) and Cheeseburgers were 49 cents.

We were treated on those days and felt we ate like kings. It wasn’t until later I realized “those treat days” were specific because my parents were broke.”

For real!

“When TV stations were about what they claimed to be about…

The History Channel
The Discovery Channel
Science Channel
TLC (The Learning Channel)
AMC (American Movie Classics)
ABC Family Channel

The best!

“Aladdin’s Castle.

It was an arcade in the local mall. I was heart broken when they closed that place down.

So many good memories as a kid in that place.”


“We used to have a chain of restaurants called Souper Salad.

It was just a salad bar with like 3 options of soup but it was cheap and all you could eat.

I took it for granted back then, and now I miss it so much.”

Missing them.

“Jello Brand pudding pops.

There is nothing else like it in the market, and anything that I have found doesn’t taste the same.

I just want my pudding pops back, dang it.”

A glorious beverage.

“Ecto Cooler.

When it came back temporarily a few years ago, I got some but figured it would be cr**py like most nostalgia-bait food and drink.

It was glorious. So d**n tasty.”

Let me touch it.

“Physical items for music, video games, movies, etc. (this isn’t actually discontinued yet but with the current trend it wouldn’t surprise me if everything just moves completely to streaming in ~10 years)

Too many things are moving to digital where you don’t actually own anything. All you have is a license to use the digital media. The last time I bought a physical game disc, the only thing it did was install Origin on my computer and provide a license key to download the game. My current car has built in Spotify instead of a CD player.

Maybe I’m becoming “old man ranting about change” but I’m concerned about how everything’s become a monthly subscription service where the companies control what you have access to and can remove things whenever they want.”

We need ’em!

“1990s chicken tenders from Burger King.

Miss those wiggly, breaded things with that peppery BBQ sauce.


I missed out on this one.

“Little Debbie Banana Bread Loaves. Mini loaves of moist banana bread individually wrapped.

Grab a glass of milk and microwave one for a few seconds….pure bliss growing up.”

The good old days.

“IFC – Independent Film Channel

Used to show decent uncut/unedited movies.

Now shows an endless stream of washed up sitcoms.”

When they were good…

“Arby’s Potato Cakes.

Sure most of the time they were either old and cold or undercooked and greasy, but if you got a good order, it was awesome.”

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