What are your twenties REALLY for?

Well, let me fill you in: those years are for finding out who you are and what you like and don’t like…

Oh, and they’re also for making stupid mistakes and acting like a fool!

What was the most ridiculous thing you did in your twenties?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.


“I’m 25, have wasted the last 8 years of my life being a typical Asian young adult, focusing solely on education and career instead of doing more to take care of my fitness and mental wellbeing.

My culture brainwashed me into thinking of it as a good thing to sit at my desk and study for 6 hours straight instead of building a good habit of eating a balanced meal and exercising every day.

Paying for that mistake now.”

A big one.

“Not taking care of my teeth.

Still playing catch up. Let my teeth go in college, didn’t get them looked at until after I finished AIT in 2020.

Had them in a good spot for a while, deployment in 2022 f**ked them up again though. It’s so godd**n hard to fix your teeth once they’re on the downward slide.”

Pace yourself.

“Worked way too hard and burnt out.

Sacrificed family time. Sacrificed health.

Need to pace yourself at the age of 20-30.”

Too much, too soon.

“Moved in with a girlfriend before finding out more about her preferences.

We had been dating for a year but I didn’t realize how much of a problem she had sharing until we lived together. We did for 5 years and never shared a bedroom, had everything split down the middle including the pantry and fridge, even when it came to spices she insisted on me getting my own.

She hated it when I would be in the same room as her unless it was under “her terms.”Whenever I asked to make our relationship more of a shared experience I was gaslit into believing I was wrong for not allowing boundaries.

She moved out a month ago and I couldn’t believe how quickly my mental health improved simply by not having that toxic influence around anymore.”

Overdid it.

“I took powerlifting way too seriously. I spent 7 years in gyms, for hours every day, skipping every social occasion and holiday.

I didn’t get as strong as I wanted to. I just got all sorts of physical issues to deal with for the rest of my life now.”


“I decided against contributing to my company’s matching 401k.

It cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

That sucks.

“Took a $12k loan to buy a motorcycle.

Didn’t want to pay for comprehensive insurance, bike got stolen 4 months later.”

Get help.

“Not getting help for my depression sooner.

Spent the entire first half of my 20s in the darkest place I can imagine, and all I needed to feel better was some meds once a day.”

Hard times.

“I was hopelessly addicted to he**in. That led to lots of shenanigans.

Robbing summer rentals in the winter was probably the worst of it. I was eventually caught and served time.

14 years clean and living an extremely normal life now.”

Half-a**ed it.

“Not studying properly.

At the time studying for 2-7 years seemed like a lifetime, but now at 30 I wish I had done it.

Don’t have the money or flexibility to do it now.”

Too much drinking.

“Drank my way through my entire 20s. After 25 it wasn’t really fun anymore but that didn’t stop me.

Drank for another 5 years. My 20s are a total blur splattered with some fun times here and there. But mostly just me running away from things with al**hol.

Almost 17 years later and not one drop. My 30s and 40s are exceptionally better.”

Climbing the ladder.

“From my own experience, the corporate ladder is bulls**t. I

burned out once during my early 20’s because everyone was competing with each other and if you didn’t work your a** off for 14h+ you constantly had to fear that someone else will overtake you.

Spent 3 years of my life in therapy after breaking down and moved to another country with 24 to start fresh.

I’m way more relaxed now and don’t just take everything as “this is how it is”. I say how things are for me and how I want them to be.

We can find a middle ground on things that are not my absolute principles. But I won’t work myself almost to d**th anymore over a company that is not mine.”

What’s the most ridiculous thing you did in your twenties?

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