I like to sleep under tables

There, I said it!

I don’t really do it anymore but when I was younger and a lot more social, I’d sleep under tables if I stayed at friends’ houses.

Is that weird?


Is there something wrong with me?


Now let’s hear from AskReddit users about the weird things they think only they do.


1. Does that work?

“Whenever I think about a cringe time I had in my life I start singing or humming to cover it up.”

2. Let’s sort this out.

“When I need to make a decision I consult an imaginary person in my head who is a combination of everyone I know and they give me advice that I’m really giving myself.”

3. Wow!

“When a car drives past me I try to remember the number on that plate.

There’s no reason for that, it just automatically happens.”

4. He’s now heading into the bushes.

“When I mow the yard I pretend I’m on espn and two sports announcers in my head are commenting on how excellent I took that turn, and the precision movements of my mowing.”

5. Don’t send it!

“When I’m angry at someone I’ll write up an email to them expressing how I feel and save it as a draft.

It makes me feel like I’ve done something but not actually instigated an argument that will give me anxiety.”

6. Prep work.

“Twist my wrist a few times as I reach to open a door.

Gotta make sure the wrist works before I get there.”

7. Going up…

“I count the number of stairs I’m going up.

Don’t know why.

Don’t count them going down… only going up.”

8. Stress relief.

“I have a weird stress reliever where I take a piece of silk fabric and rub it between my fingers.

I went through a lot of s**t as a kid and at the daycare there was a random piece of cloth. I don’t know why, but I attached to that thing and it’s almost like an addiction at some points. I’ve usually always had a piece of silk somewhere.

I know it’s weird, but for whatever reason, it helps a lot so it’s kind of been my little secret for years now.”

9. What are you hiding?

“When I go get the mail if I hear a car coming I run in the house real quick so they don’t see me and then look through the blinds like I got away with something.”

10. Just in case.

“I have to let my wife go up the stairs first when its bed time because she has an irrational fear of being shot through the letterbox.”

11. Out of body experience.

“Haven’t done this in years but I used to look at myself in the mirror until everything stopped feeling real. Like I’d contemplate that the person looking back was a different person. Kind of felt out of body it’s honestly hard to explain.

I can only describe it as when you say a word over and over again until it sounds fake but like an existential version of that.”

12. You do you.

“When in the car, I pick my right foot up as we pass the white lines and tap it down between them.

Have done this since I was little.”

Now it’s your turn.

Tell us about the weird things that you do in the comments.

Let’s do this!