Have you ever walked into another person’s house and you immediately got a weird feeling because the interior design was just…strange?

I know I sure have!

I remember going to a friend’s house when I was a kid and the place just gave me an eerie feeling, like I was in a museum or something. And nothing was to be TOUCHED under any circumstances.

Hey, to each their own, but I always just got an odd feeling from that house…

And you might think these examples of interior design are pretty odd, too! Take a look!

1. Can I talk to the person who did this?

I have so many questions…

Up the drain it goes
byu/Winsthorne infunny

2. You just stepped into the 1950s.

I think I see Fonzie over there!

All it needs is a juke box and a soda fountain
byu/Czechs_out inATBGE

3. I’d like to know the thought process behind this…

I’m very confused.

[deleted by user]
by inATBGE

4. This kitchen is brought to you by Saved by the Bell.

It’s totally ’90s, baby!

New kitchen style
byu/DrFetusRN inATBGE

5. Is there a problem?

You might need a stool for the freezer.

Yup, the fridge fit boss.
byu/waconcept inNotMyJob

6. All kinds of bad ideas mixed up in here.

I wouldn’t set foot in there…

You guys hate carpet in the bathroom? I can one up that. My parents have a bathroom with carpet that goes up the bathtub walls! Bonus points for the terrible wallpaper.
byu/jbird2525 inmildlyinfuriating

7. You think this might be overkill?

Just a little bit?

Who says crown molding is overdone?
byu/buckleybuilds inATBGE

8. Just go ahead and put that right in the middle of the room.

That looks great!

Middle class fridge. Lower class aesthetic.
byu/AcousticHigh inmildlyinfuriating

9. My kind of nightmare.

Wow…a lot to take in here.

10. You might need to bump that vent over a foot or two…

Just a small suggestion.

My friend just finished a kitchen remodel.
byu/SirCadwaladr inmildlyinfuriating

11. I’ll pass on this bathroom.

That tub doesn’t look bad, though.


12. Come on in and get comfortable!

No thanks, I’ll just use the yard.

Toilet room design
byu/OrisLanius inATBGE

Oh, boy…those are really something else…

How about you?

What do you think is the worst example of interior design that you’ve ever seen?

Share some photos with us in the comments! Please and thank you!