Baby Boomers are such a big part of our world and our national conversation that it’s going to be strange when they are all gone.

And once they’re all gone, what will go away with them?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts about this.

1. Let’s hope not.

“The middle class.

Kind of scary.”

2. You think?

“Cable TV.

Cable is a scam.

When we returned our box they charged us for the next full month because they decided the billing cycle didn’t end when we returned the equipment.”

3. Might be right.

“Pressure to get married before 30.

Or even get married at all.

Or have kids.”

4. True.

“Workplace loyalty.

It was normal when working for a company could get you a house and two cars.”

5. Going away.


. I see cremations and alternate forms of treating the corpse (like growing a tree) becoming predominant because of environmental, economic or ethical reasons.

I just can’t see cemeteries remaining viable.”

6. Let’s do it!

“Cannabis Prohibition.

Let’s make hemp plastic and make the world greener.”

7. You bet.

“Gold shag carpet, ci**rettes burning away in the ashtray in the living room, crocheted afghans, macramé plant holders, and a formal room filled with furniture that you never sit on.”

8. Could it be true?

“I have always anticipated Christianity falling off as the older generation passes.

Everyone in my age group (early 30’s) are either just going through the motions until their parents d**, or they just fully abandoned it.”

9. Keep it simple.

“Big weddings.

We’re eloping and our boomer parents can’t fathom the idea.”

10. Yikes.

“Living in a more open society.

Freedom to voice your opinions.

A time before internet and cell phones.”

11. Bingo!

“Men having the common knowledge of home repairs and car maintenance.

All the people I work with around my age are clueless.”

12. A hot take.

“Nothing. We all become our forebears.

There will be a technology we don’t get that we need those darn kids to help us with. The younger generation will appear entitled from our perspective while we seem entitled from theirs. We will continue to choose silly principles over relationships and have kids that don’t talk to us.

We will continue to grumpily think the government owes us something and get mad when some pundit tells us some “other group” is getting it. You don’t think boomers were young once? Watch Laugh-In sometime.”

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