Boy, do I have a long list for this topic!

I’m talking about things that legitimately make me CRINGE.

And I bet you have a lengthy list, too, don’t you?

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1. Back to me…

“Making something that isn’t about you, about you.

Examples: if you speak at a wedding, christening or funeral – making it about you.

Speaking about a tragedy (that you weren’t anywhere near/about) and talking about how it made you feel.

Saying to anyone ‘what will they think of ME if YOU do X.'”

2. I’m amazing…

“People that film themselves doing a good deed and upload it to YouTube for likes, views, and for the world to tell them what a great person they are.”

3. Family fun!

“Family bloggers.

Constantly having your life recorded as a child can really mess you up.

Especially since a lot of the time the parents are just using their children for content.”

4. Yes!

“The following phrases:

“So I did a thing”

“That happened”

“…as you do”.”

5. That’s weird.

“People that have social media accounts for babies in their own names as if the baby is the one posting.”

6. Lighten up.

“Being jaded, like having a pessimistic opinion and being hypercritical of everything doesn’t make you sound sophisticated, nor is it attractive.

Like I know this movie is not 100% realistic, but lemme enjoy it in peace.”

7. Don’t overdo it.

“Teenagers swearing every other word thinking they’re edgy or tough.

Swearing in the right context is fine. But all the time in either text or speech is cringeworthy.”

8. Embarrassing.

“People who make their rusty 2001 Honda Civics sounds like a chorus of elephant farts.

Who are you impressing?”

9. Annoying.

“People applying everything in their life with zodiac signs.

“Omg I overslept, that’s such a Cancer thing, we’re always sleeping.””

10. Back that a** up.

“Maybe an unpopular opinion, but anytime I see a woman twerk, no matter how beautiful she is, I cringe a little inside.”

11. Not cute.

“The Instagram girl voice that you can choose to narrate part of a story/post.

Absolutely can’t stand it. Sounds fake and awful.”

12. The worst.

“Seeing or hearing people who ACTUALLY believe that Biden lost the election and that Donald Trump is still the President, and anything associated with this mentality.”

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