Here’s some advice that I’ve heard before: you should always spend good money on things that separate you from the ground.

That means shoes, tires, and your bed.

Don’t buy the cheap stuff!

What do you think about this?

AskReddit users sounded off.

1. Can’t go back.


Once I went to noise canceling I never went back.”

2. That’s the good stuff!

“Garbage bags.

Yep. I buy the largest quantity pack of the nicest garbage bags, like once a year. At most.”

3. Life-changer.

“Honestly, no matter how well I brushed I seemed to ALWAYS wind up with at least one cavity at my check-up every year.

Since switching to an electric toothbrush 10 years ago, I haven’t had a single cavity, and my gums are no longer angry all the time.


4. Buttered up.


I’ll still cook with regular butter but on bread I’ll only eat Kerrygold now.”

5. Worth it.

“Maple Syrup.

Growing up, we always had that cheap “Pancake Syrup” stuff that’s basically corn syrup and food coloring.

It never even occurred to me to buy ACTUAL  Maple Syrup ($12 for a tiny bottle??) until I was in my 20s, and had it at a friend’s house.

Guess what? That s**t is delicious and worth it.”

6. Nice and strong.

“Dental floss.

I h**ed flossing because I thought all dental floss just shreds apart and breaks.

Nope, just the cheap brand I was buying.”

7. Yes!

“Basic shirts.

I used to buy those $8 or less shirts because “it’s just a shirt”. Women’s clothing is always either too tight or too loose, the shoulders/waist/hip ratio can be awkward, and it’s always made with some thin material to encourage “layering” (and cut costs!).

Unless it’s cold, I don’t want to layer my damn clothes. The quality of a soft shirt that fits and doesn’t see-through is a game changer. I’ll drop $20-25 on a nice shirt that lasts a long time and fits right before I buy any more s**tty shirts.”

8. Protect your feet.


In 2008 I bought my first pair of Ecco slip-on shoes, THE most comfortable, well-fitting shoes I’ve ever worn.”

9. Giddyup.


I had a cheap one for my first year taking up riding again at 30. My horse got sore, I struggled with my position for ages thinking it was me.

Tried a different saddle and 90% of my issues evaporated.”

10. Classy.


Not the CRAZY expensive stuff, but definitely the higher priced ones. My hair cannot handle the Pert or Finesse stuff.

It kind of worked out nicely since I buy half as much… it works twice as well! And my hair actually feels manageable.”

11. That’s important.


I used to be the guy who would just walk into a computer shop and buy one of the cheapest laptops I could find that still fits my needs on paper. Then wondered why tf is the battery d**d after 2 years or why is the charger chord so easily broken and so on.

Then, like 2 years ago I made the plunge and bought one for like 1,5k€, I know its no where near the top end but the quality is so f**king much better than I was used to from these 300-600€ laptops I used to run.

Still runs like new and I never wanna go back to the cheap-cheap class.”

12. A nice fit.


For most of my life, the only criteria I judged a pair of jeans on was “do they fit”.

One day, I was talked into buying a ~$70 pair of jeans from an expensive clothing store and I was blown away by how comfortable they were.

They look good, the material is softer, doesn’t squeeze the backs of my knees, etc.”

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