Technology advances so fast and trends come and go in a flash, so it’s guaranteed that some things we have in our lives right now won’t be around when the year 2030 rolls around.

And it’s gonna be here in a flash…

What do you think won’t exist in the year 2030?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. No more stick shift?

“Manual Car Transmissions.

Considering how few people buy them now, and with the future of electric cars, manuals will dissapear within the next 5-10 years I’d say.

The typical combustion engine is an interesting debate. Although I’m not a fan of electric myself, it’s undeniable that most new cars being produced by 2030 will be electric. Some outliers here and there, but for the most part it will just be electric.

That’s not to say combustion engines will dissapear, unless a law is made against it or enough time passes by to have them d** out, the future of combustion engines are pretty much doomed.”

2. Lighten up!

“People with sense of humor.

A lot of humans are offended with everything these days.

It pi**es me off.”

3. Yikes.

“Skiing in the Alps.

Most oil companies.

Snapchat & Tik Tok.

Cheap cow meat made from real cows.

Fish in the oceans.

The Amazon.”

4. Let’s hope not.

“The United States.

At some point in this decade, the fascist party will succeed in preventing enough of a peaceful transition of power, through a combination of court-stacking, gerrymandering, revocation of voting rights, legislation to ignore the will of the voters and arbitrarily decide on electoral votes, and tacitly condoned right-wing v**lence, that what’s left of democracy in this country will cease to function.”

5. Alarming.

“Individual intelligence due to the over reliance on technology and quick/easy access to echo chamber internet communities.

The number of pseudo intellectuals walking around today seems to continue expanding at an alarming rate.

Most of these people can’t even think for themselves and it’s pretty sad.”

6. Disappearing coasts.

“A lot of islands and coastal areas.

King tides are already devastating, it wasn’t too long ago that an island was literally erased off the map by a storm, driven by human induced warming.

This will accelerate greatly with temperatures already beating projections for worst case climate change scenarios.”

7. Wow.

“New private home ownership in the US.

Unfortunately, this isn’t hyperbole either. Zillow and other entities with serious conflicts of interest, large scale home builders, investment firms and foreign corporations are buying up everything they can at an exponentially increasing rate.

If we don’t get the Fed Gov to nix this soon, only people who will own homes are those who have already purchased, and those that get really lucky… Well, and the wealthy, nothing ever really applies to them anyway.

Caveat – I mean in urban and suburban areas… In rural areas it’ll take longer for them to buy up everything.”

8. Probably.

“Water fountains.

They’re all gonna be replaced by more sanitary touchless water bottle refill stations.”

9. A scary thought.

“Free speech.

Or, more specifically, freedom of speech as it relates to employment, insurance, credit, etc.

I’d bet $20 that by 2030, everyone’s going to have access to pretty much anything another person has ever said online and will use that info to discriminate against (or grant preferential treatment to) the person based on how that person’s views align with the person doing the digging.”

10. No more excuses.

“Missing office work or school due to extreme weather.

Everything has an online option now, and a lot of people have either solar panels or generators on their houses.

Schools and workplaces won’t accept extreme weather as an excuse to not be there by 2030, that is my belief.”

11. Fall of the mall.


Because online shopping is becoming the norm and causing them to shut down and leave them to be torn down or just left to rot.”

12. Hmmmm…

“Opinions, it’s already happening.

You have to comply and agree with the masses or else risk being ‘cancelled’.”

13. I really hope not.

“Movie theaters.

I think since people have gotten a taste of watching new movies at home that will be the new norm.

I know there are still some people that prefer to the theater but there’s just too many issues with theaters today to stay viable.”

14. Great…

“Probably everything that isn’t a subscription service.

You will own nothing and you will be happy.”

15. That’s scary.

“Water in the Colorado River.

First federal water emergency was just declared for the river.

First time ever.”

16. Too big.

“Amazon, as it is today.

Spicy answer, but it’s already too big, and bezos has already stepped down from leadership. It’s plagued with quality control issues that are outside it’s ability to navigate, full of fake reviews because it’s easy to manipulate, and people are already catching on.

I think Amazon will turn into more of a 3PL/logistics company for other businesses, since that is what they have always done right.

But things like Shopify enabling an army of small businesses to use the same tools but deliver better products and service are a major threat. And every large Corp in the world is trying to compete now, with the same or better level of service/convenience.

Amazon was revolutionary in that it forced companies to compete on their level of delivery. But once everyone does, Amazon doesn’t have their monopoly anymore.”

17. Taxi!

“Taxi drivers.

Before Uber sold its self-driving car division in late 2020, there was a running joke that Uber drivers were working to put themselves out of work, as Uber reinvested millions of dollars in fare revenues back into its driverless car projects.

While problems beset Uber’s automated cars, I still struggle to see how taxi drivers do not become obsolete in the next 10 years. If you run a taxi firm, it would be madness to pay someone money to drive a car for you when you have a vehicle that can drive itself!

Demand may leave a market for human-driven taxis, but these will struggle to survive as automation will drive prices down.”

18. Let’s hope so.

“Hopefully HIV/AIDS (at least for people who get vaccinated). The progress with mRNA vaccines is exciting!

As a gay male, HIV is a constant fear of mine, and I cant wait until our community has one less thing to worry about and feel stigmatized for.”

19. The future!

“Cashiers in big grocery stores.

The Walmarts by me are phasing out cashiers and alot of places are doubling the self checkout lanes.”

20. Sad.

“Upward social mobility.

As the wealth gap continues to widden, by the 2030s, short of a miracle like winning the lottery, the vast majority of people will be locked in their current social class from cradle to grave.

Getting poorer will be the only actual possible movement within the social hierarchy.”

21. That’s not good.

“Debate, if you don’t agree with someone, you’re wrong.

You don’t have a different set of values or beliefs, you’re just wrong.”

22. Where did it go?

“Freedom as we know it today.

I’m an EU citizen.

We will get restrictions by the day and for some reason we just don’t care.”

23. Maybe…

“The platforms used by Wall Street for stock manipulation.

I think trading as we know it will be replaced by a better, more efficient platform what promotes fair trading and transparency unlike our current one.

Potentially triggered by an upcoming global economic crash.”

24. Perhaps…

“Taiwan as a free nation, American dollar being the dominant currency, privacy regarding any form of technology and probably the medium western class.”

25. A digital world.

“Missing office work or school due to extreme weather.

Everything has an online option now, and a lot of people have either solar panels or generators on their houses.

Schools and workplaces won’t accept extreme weather as an excuse to not be there by 2030, that is my belief.”

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