There are a whole lot of TV shows, movies, songs, etc., that would probably be better if they were only a little bit shorter…

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1. Snooze fest.

“I grew up watching football with my dad.

I always h**ed it (and still do) and always thought why do people enjoy watching a minute play with five minutes of whatever after before the next one, it’s so godd**n boring to me.”

2. Hurry up!

“Getting your hair cut.

I know it’s not physically possible but I’d appreciate it if the barber could get it done in under 20 minutes.”

3. Overloaded.

“Movie trailers.

We don’t need literally 30 minutes of trailers before a movie.”

4. Nerd alert!

“The Lord of the Rings.

It was good but man I wanted at least 4 hours back from watching all 9 hours.”

5. Right?

“The “business days”.

Make Monday through Thursday business days and then have 3 day weekends.

This includes school, too.”

6. Parents are not happy.

“Children’s movies.

Why they making them 2 hours long now?


7. Trim it down.

“Most recently, Gray Man.

They need to chill with the 2+ hour movies.”

8. Yes, please.

“The MLB season.

Cut out like 20-25 games and it would be so much better.”

9. Too long.

“Every single James Bond movie.

I’ve recently been doing a rewatch of the Bond collection with my wife and the complaint EVERY movie is it would have been better if it was shorter.”

10. Just end it!

“American TV shows (at least prior to about 2012).

So many great shows that just got ruined because they never bloody ended, just dragged off into infinity until they one-by-one jumped the shark and none of the storylines had satisfying endings.”

11. Make it count.


Hear me out on this. If people knew they weren’t going to live 90 years but only say 45, I think there would be a drastic paradigm shift in how they view things, their families, values, children, work/life balance, money, kindness to strangers and everything else.

Life would be seen as far more precious because of it.”

12. Thoughts on this?

“Every episode of the current Stranger Things.

I like the story, good god they need to edit like twenty minutes from each episode.”

13. Time to figure it out.

“Chipotle burritos.

1/2 isn’t enough, but the whole thing is too much.

Make the thing about 3 bites smaller and it’s perfect.”

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