I remember the first time I saw the movie Big. What a great movie!

And I never really stopped thinking about it, either…which I guess is kind of natural as you get a little bit older.

What different paths should I have taken in my life? Should I have chosen differently at that huge fork in the road?

So, what would YOU do differently if you woke up as a 12-year-old but had all of your current knowledge and life experiences?

AskReddit users offered up an alternate version of their life stories. Take a look at what they said.

1. Change a few things around.

“I’d work out more and I’d give up on certain friends and try harder with some.

Really only three that come to mind that are worth trying to stick with this time around, I’d ignore the rest.”

2. Some big ones.

“Not say that I want to be a doctor when I get older. That would save me a ton of headaches and needling.

Also, change my study habits, walking habits, hygiene habits, and speaking habits; another bunch of headaches gone.”

3. Need a do-over.

“Realize my self worth.

Get out of my cr*ppy hometown.

Go to college for what I’m really passionate about.

Take school more seriously.”

4. Advice for Mom and Dad.

“Tell my mom:

“You know how you work with kids that have ADHD? You know how you constantly say those kids remind you of me? You know how you’re constantly getting mad at me for doing things that are symptoms of ADHD? Here’s the phone book, call a psychiatrist and make an appointment.”

Also I would tell my dad what stocks to buy.”

5. Let’s have a talk.

“I’d sit my parents down tell them the truth, and that they should take out a 2nd mortgage on the house and invest in small startups that I know will grow dramatically in size.

They would not believe me, so I’d have to make a prediction of a news event in the near future that’s completely out of left-field and can’t be denied.This would be 1994 (I’m assuming the same date), so I’d probably choose OJ Simpson being arrested for killing his wife, which would be June 18th…week and a half.

They’d be amazed and from then on I’d essentially run the house and largely function as an unfettered adult in my 12 year old body.”

6. Here’s the plan.

“Here’s what I would do:

1. Avoid all debt.

2. Get a degree in a different subject.

3. Marry someone else.”

7. Healthy lifestyle.

“I would encourage my family to exercise more and eat better.

I didn’t eat broccoli until college. We just didn’t have it. Fresh vegetables wer too expensive.

My brother died recently, of a heart attack, maybe I could have saved him.”

8. A laundry list.

“Pop my ego bubble earlier, sign up for advanced classes outside of school to keep my work ethic up.

Apologize to my friends for how much of a huge *sshole I’ve been to them, not overwhelm myself with overly challenging classes freshman year of HS and college, not ask out certain people.

Invite people to social gatherings more often, not screw up on half my AP tests to be able to skip certain courses in college, start rock climbing sooner, join certain extracurriculars sooner…plenty more.”

9. You’re only young once.

“Take time to actually enjoy being a teenager.

Actually go to parties a couple times. Ask out that hot girl who kept eying me in French class even though I was oblivious to it. Go to at least one one prom.

I joined the army after high school and between work, school, hitting the gym every day, and other stuff I’m doing to advance my career I don’t have nearly the same amount of time I did a year ago to just have fun.”

10. Important stuff.

“Don’t invest so much time in fake friends.

Realize depression and mental illness isn’t shameful and get help.”

11. Can’t get time back.

“Probably make sure to spend time with my Grandpa.

And keep an eye on my longtime childhood friend who passed of a drug overdose in 2018.

I was 12 in 2006 but I wish I’d kept in touch.”

12. You do you.

“Stop putting my dreams on hold to be a people pleaser.

Start paying attention to my fitness sooner.

Learn to say no more often.”

13. Life is about ups and downs.

“Don’t fear failing or screwing up so much.

Accept that it’s part of the process.

Take more chances and don’t get as consumed by the lows.”

How about you?

What would you do differently if you could go back in time with all your current knowledge?

Talk to us in the comments! We’ll all be just like Marty McFly!