What would you do if you woke up one morning and you suddenly had $250 million in your bank account?

I mean…after you fainted from the shock

I think I’d buy a first-class ticket somewhere tropical and relax on a beach for at least a month.

Let’s see what AskReddit users said they would do!

1. Sounds pretty good.

“Hire a lawyer

Hire a financial advisor that is a fiduciary

Keep working or find a job that is part time and that has health insurance (I need that)

Try not to tell anyone outside of my parents and a few close friends.

Relax and live off of my 4% a year ($10 Million)”

2. What’s up, Doc?

“Get a complete medical work up from top to bottom. Inside and out. MRI Xray every lab test there is.

Why cause if I have that kind of money I want to live as long as I can to spend it. And I want to find what’s wrong if there is anything and fix it before it’s too late.”

3. Spread it around.

“Make a list of family and friends, and figure out how much I am going to give to each of them.

I will definitely share the wealth!”

4. Be discreet.

“Pay off my debts first, then any home repairs I have been putting off, and then discreetly pay off mortgages for specific family members and friends.”

5. Let’s eat!

“Honestly, going to a restaurant and ordering whatever I want without even thinking about the bill would be an incredible sensation.”

6. Leaving town.

“Travel around a bit and let the dust settle. But still, don’t ever go home.

That place is hostile territory as soon as you say “No” to literally any request for money, of which there will be many.”

7. Get some zzzzzzs.

“Have no care in the world, generational wealth, and nothing forcing me to wake up to.

I would sleep well.”

8. Pay it all off.

“Moonwalk out of my job and spend the entire day making sure every cent of any possible debt I have is paid off.

Letting my dad know all his s**t is paid off too and we’re taking an extended vacation next summer so start planning.”

9. Tell no one.

“Tell no one and act as normal, but certainly eat a lot better.

Pay off my debts quietly and make timely acts of kindness to my friends and family.”

10. The plan.

“Get a lawyer and a financial advisor

Pay off my house.

Buy a good car. Mine is on its last legs.

Go on my dream vacation that I have been saving for.”

11. Time to get your teeth fixed.

“Hire a financial manager and a lawyer.

Call and make dental appointments for the whole family now that we can afford to go.”

12. Just chill.

“Absolutely nothing.

I will relax and have a day of peace and contentment that my life from this day forward will never be the same again, with a future of no financial worry.”

13. Spend some cash.

“If you’re talking about immediate purchases, pay off my house, get my cat some work he needs, buy a decent car, get a problematic tree in my back yard removed, put a new roof on the house, install AC, install sprinklers.”

What would you do with all that cash?

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Thanks, friends!