All families have their own eating habits and ideas of what constitutes a healthy or balanced meal. Some of those habits and meals might not align with what the department of health considers nutritious, but honestly, unless you see a child whose poor nutrition is affecting their well-being, it’s none of your business.

That’s not the position this school took, apparently, when they objected to a mother including a few mini-cookies in her child’s otherwise well-balanced lunch. Apparently, they not only promote healthy eating at school, but check students lunches brought in from home to make sure they meet requirements, as well.

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Laura Lee is the mother of a two-year-old preschooler, and sent her to school one day with a lunch that consisted of a tuna sandwich, hummus, veggies, crackers, cheese – and a few mini chocolate chip cookies.

If you’re keeping track, that includes protein, fruit, carbs, and everything else that makes a well-balanced meal, right?

Well, not according to the preschool, who sent the kid home citing a lunch that was “too unhealthy.”

Laura posted about the incident on Facebook, completely baffled.

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People on Facebook were confused, too, with any number of parents writing in that they thought the lunch was fine, but also that it’s really not the job of the preschool/daycare to police them in such a manner.

“There is nothing wrong with this packed lunch. It shows a well thought out and balanced selections made with a lot of love.”

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Another commenter stated that, as someone who works in young childcare, she’s definitely seen worse.

“I work in a nursery and believe me, I have seen some terrible packed lunches in the past! This looks perfect to me!”

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In fact, not one person in the comments agreed with the preschool’s stance or complaint, and we all know how hard consensus is to find on the internet.

What would you have done in Laura’s shoes? I think I would have gone in for a chat for sure!