Will you get me another beer from the fridge?

It’s in the basement…

That’s what I’d say to my exact replica if I encountered it…and then I’d lock them in the basement and try to figure out what to do next because, PLOT TWIST, there is no fridge in the basement!

Boy, am I smart, or what…?

What would you do if you came home and found your exact replica sitting on your couch?

Here’s what folks had to say on AskReddit.

1. Ready for this?

“We are both going to work tomorrow.

We will get so much done.”

2. One way to handle it.

“I tell him to sleep in tomorrow, I’ll go to school.

Then I smother him with a pillow.


3. Outta here.

“Start a new life with a new identity.

This one sucks.”

4. What’s for dinner?

“Ask what they accomplished while I was at work.

The cleaning and laundry better be done, and a hot meal ready for me.”

5. Score!

“Actually, this would be good. We’d be able to work two jobs simultaneously, pay off our student loans and afford a house.

Plus we could cover for the other when one of us gets depressed.”

6. Your problem.

“I’ll let my wife know.

We have a code word for this kind of situation. See if we could get her a duplicate as well.

Then, peace out. Their problems now.”

7. Staredown.

“Honestly I would have no idea I just know the first encounter would be us staring anxiously at each other in silence for a few minutes and seeing who talks first.”

8. Reset.

“Walk out. Drain the bank account and start life over.

Been wanting to reset life for a minute anyway.”

9. The important stuff.

“”Friend or foe.”

Start with the important question.

If friend, we have a fun surprise for someone before I have a huge problem to figure out.

I cant support two of me on my salary.”

10. The plan.

“I would be totally silent, trying to figure out if this was real. Microanalyzing everything I see exhaustively.

Then I’d probably say something totally out of character at random to try to determine what kind of doppelganger I am dealing with. Then I’d sing the major general’s song from pirates of the penzance at high speed…

Then I’d say “what the f**k, universe” and get down to comparing notes with this other copy of me, assuming they passed the checks and one or both of us isn’t d**d.”

11. I already know your size…

” Maybe discuss who came first?

I am a cooperative type so we wouldn’t fight about it.

Maybe help pick out clothes.”

12. What’s going on here?!?!

“Turn on my camera and get the dog.

He’s gonna freak out.”

What would you do in this situation?

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