Okay, ladies and gents…it’s time to get weird!

Because the fine folks at AskReddit have posed a very odd question to their dear readers…

And here’s what those folks came up with!

Check out what they had to say!

1. You get it.

“I’ll try to purr when my favorite shows are on to the point they will think I actually fully understand what’s going on.

Little do they know…I do…”

2. Lots of napping.

“Take a nap. Chitter at the birds. Take a nap. Cough up a hair ball at 0300. Demand scratches. OK, enough scratches. Walk across the keyboard. Take a nap.

Demand to go out. Demand to come in. Demand to go out. Demand to come in. Take a nap. Monitor your bathroom habits. Take a nap. Demand food. Take a nap. Stare into space. Present a mouse in bed. Take a nap.”

3. Nice and easy.

“Waking up as a housecat would give me pause…

But I’d enjoy the comfy home with the nice couple and catch up on some sleep and play time.”

4. Not bad!

“Meow on the door so they open it and I can go out just to meow from the outside of the door so they let me in again, rinse and repeat, and if they let the door opened I would just ignore it and go to take a nap or lick myself.”

5. All you want…

“I keep saying this is all I wanted in life. A comfortable body, plenty of napping spaces and a lack of responsibility.

I really just want to be able to sleep twisted up and not be in pain the next morning.”

6. Can’t be too smart.

“My first thought was to signal my intelligence (scratching words or using Scrabble tiles) but on second thought that would result in me living out my life being experimented on in a lab or being forced to act as a spy.

I would just be an extremely clever and easily trained cat.”

7. Not so fast.

“Take my rightful place as a superior specie and let my staff wait on me, hand and foot.

I draw the line at neutering, though…”

8. You made it!

“My life has been a grind for 12 plus year so I’d definitely be happy napping at will for a few years just getting massaged all the time.”

9. Can’t forget the zoomies.

“Wake up, have a good stretch, bask in the great news.

Then zoomies.”

10. The good life!

“Breathe a huge sigh of relief because I have no more responsibilities.

Nap a lot, get kinda fat, love on my humans a lot

Do enough wild things to get an Internet following and fund a really good diet.

Then nap some more.”

11. You’re in charge, now.

“Push things off the table.

I can finally get away with it now.”

12. Got a role model.

“Honestly, I’d just try be like my current housecat.

She is 22 (I got her when i was 6) and about to/just entered stage for Kidney/Renal Failure. I am glad we got one last holiday season with her, such a cat of the people, gentle with young ones, still likes to chase a laser or fishing rod toy, but this is going to be it over the next month or so.

She always is willing to cuddle up, sits with me whenever I am on the couch, just clearly enjoyed socializing with people, but could read the room when we were watching TV just sitting, purring with us.

I remember at the start of covid, i took my vaccine and had some brutal flu like symptoms. I remember laying on the couch shivering so hard you could confuse it for convulsing lol. She just hopped up and settled in against my chest/neck/face – Honestly, one of those rare real moments of connection where she knew exactly what i needed, there is just no explanation or feeling other then unconditional love.

If I could make someone as happy as she has made my family, partner and myself. That would be the greatest gift of all.

Selfishly – maybe i’d try to be picky and not eat food till the owner gives me the low sodium stuff to stave of the kidney failure lol, but 22 years is pretty good.”

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