Don’t lie to me…

You’ve daydreamed at least once or twice about what you’d do if you have unlimited money.

I know I have!

In fact, one time my dumba** friends and I were SO convinced we were going to win the lottery that we spent a whole day hanging out in my living room talking about what we were gonna do after we won the lottery.

In case you were wondering, it didn’t work out…that time.

But the dream is still alive!

What would you do if you woke up and had all of Jeff Bezos’ money?

AskReddit users dared to dream…

1. Good point.

“Become Batman.

If you are a billionaire and you aren’t literally Batman then wtf are you even doing?”

2. Done working.

“Turn off the alarm, go back to sleep.

I no longer have to go to work.”

3. Have some fun first.

“I call IKEA and let them know I’ll be purchasing their entire showroom and renting out the facility for a couple days.

I then have a giant paintball match in IKEA.

THEN I call a financial advisor.”

4. I see…

“I purchase The Amazon.

Not Amazon, but THE Amazon.”

5. Here’s the plan.

“Pay off all my debt.

⁠Pay off the debt of all my family and closest friends.

⁠Buy land in the mountains on a lake and build our dream house along all the toys for lake life and a big guest house.

⁠Buy our dream cars.

⁠Travel the world.

⁠Build and fund homeless shelters that will provide people with: a private room with their own kitchenette and bathroom, 3 nutritious meals a day, medical care, access to mental health professionals, access to job training and career coaching, transportation to work and interviews, and assistance to help them transition out of the shelter once they are back on their feet.

⁠Build and fund animal shelters that will provide animals with: veterinary care, daily exercise/play, and their own comfortable rooms. The goal would be to make the animals feel like they’re already in a home and not a cold, concrete kennel.

Build and fund high quality senior citizen living facilities that include security measures to prevent and monitor for a*se. Also provide an appropriate salary for staff.

Make donations toward converting to clean energy sources and other things to help combat climate change, like helping farmers make food production more sustainable.

Fund free school breakfast and lunch for all children.”

6. Wow.

“Buy Unmak Island in the Bering Sea, 200,000 acres including a Volcano for a measly $16.5M, and as it’s only accessible via air and boat at certain times of the year gives me some nice privacy.

Construct a Castle on the property in Gothic Revival style of architecture, include modern features like electricity and heating but still try to keep it like a real gothic castle with similar materials as used throughout history. Must be at least 100,000 square feet as I like room to put my feet up.

Bring polar bears to the island (hopefully some are there already), giving them proper food sources so their population can thrive. I want the island to be basically infested with polar bears, like have a higher density than any where else on the world, and breed them for aggression.

Transportation around the island would need to be done in caged vehicles outfitted with 50 cal rifles to defend against the rampaging threat of hyper violent polar bears.

Hire staff of 100 military contractors to protect the island from another staff of 100 military contractors I have pitted against each other.

Hire a harem of beautiful women who constantly seek my attention, continually deny their advancements because I’m not into women.”

7. Be responsible.

“After doing all the responsible things like talking with lawyers, accountants, and brokers, I will first do something for myself: buy a pinball machine. I’ve always wanted one and that’s my extravagant gift that I would buy for myself if I ever had the money to burn.

My second thing is to quit my job, after they find a replacement for me, and go to work on charities. I first want to work on a way to renovate old buildings and turn them into housing for the homeless. These will be nice living spaces for people in need. But it won’t just be living spaces either.

There will be a rec room/gym, a cafeteria, a daycare, therapy offices, an office to help people find jobs, and even a methadone clinic. I want to help people get back on their feet. When I see people down on their luck, I don’t like myself because all I want to do is help but I don’t have the finances to do so.

If I woke up to find myself the richest person in the world, how could I not want to help everyone. I guess it’s been a dream of mine to help people in this way. I want to make an impact in the world for the better.”

8. I like this.

“Use $208 billion to fight disease, climate change and poverty.

Use the last billion to live it up till I d**.”

9. Endless possibilities.

“I would be building all kinds of affordable housing for starters. Also I would be funding a myriad of initiatives including:

Setting up spay/neuter clinics in places like India, northern Canada, etc. where the street dogs suffer immensely.

Fully funding anti-poaching units like the Black Mambas and the Akashinga,

Large endowments to groups like The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Wildlife SOS,

I’d love to get involved in providing funding for women/families in poor countries to have clean safe housing, access to birth control and health care along with training for them to have small businesses or run small farms to grow and sell food,

There’s just so much good a person can do with that kind of money. The possibilities are endless.”

10. Going green.

“Mine is to find the ocean clean up, really take care of the plastic patch. Fund solar energy in the Sahara and Nevada. Buy alot of land in the amazon and have it guarded from loggers and farmers.

Fund social programs in the areas responsible for pollution, education to the population so that they understand what they are doing and have the means for it not to be the easiest way of getting rid of their trash.”

11. Only she can know.

“1st: I don’t tell anyone jack s**t! Except my wife.

2nd: I call a lawyer

3rd: I setup anonymous trusts for all my family members and close friends so they get a monthly check for the rest of their lives. I also setup yearly gifts to my favorite charities.

4th: I buy a lot of land in the mountains and build a home in the middle.

With guest houses for friends and family.

5th: I built the most awesome home computers, network, and storage.

6th: I buy a great sports car, truck, and sedan. I also find a 1959 Cadillac and have it restored with modern engine, transmission, brakes, and suspension.

7th: Travel the world and enjoy life.

This is also my plan if I ever win the lottery.”

12. Keep it a secret.

“Being most realistic, I’d probably experience 30 seconds of total joy & excitement… followed by a crippling several hours of anxiety panic attack as the realization sets in that nearly every human alive would be willing to k**l me for a fraction of that money, that the rest of my life will be spent in the national spotlight, that this will ultimately destroy every relationship I’ve ever built.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m still taking the money, I’m not trying to push some “money can’t buy happiness” bulls**t. But I think I’d need to keep this an absolute secret from everyone until I get a rock solid battle plan of affairs in order.

Once the media finds out, you’d better not be anywhere that a horde of desperate lunatics can find you. (Or your family / loved ones – they’re great for ransom).”

What would YOU do if you had all that cash?

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