Who’s ready to get weird?!?!

Well, if you are, then you’re DEFINITELY in the right place.

Because we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about what they’d do in public if it was socially acceptable.

Take a look at what they had to say!

1. Way too hot.

“Walk around naked in the summer time.

It’s 90 degrees, I don’t want clothes making me hotter.”

2. Make a statement.

“Cloaks are so godd**n cool you guys. And capes? Why did we stop wearing capes?

I’d make a fashion statement, is my answer.”

3. Let it all out.

“I’d like to be able to cry in public more often.

Sometimes I just get emotional overflow and need to bawl out my stress before my brain short circuits.

I just need to cry and cry and not get a swarm of people trying to anxiously and hurriedly hush me because I’m making things awkward or they’re trying to desperately fix my problem or whatever – let me cry that’s literally me fixing my problem!”

4. Like a warm hug.

“I’d tan my b**bs under the sun at a beach.

I dont want to seek out a nude beach just to experience the bare minimum that every other animal and men get to experience.

I dont know why I want this so bad, I just feel like it would be so relaxing. Like a warm hug.”

5. Get comfy.

“As a male, wear a skirt.

I have no idea why, but I want to wear a skirt in public… and I’ve never even worn one anyways.”

6. Not brave enough.

“Wear costumes/clothes from other centuries.

I know people do it anyway, but they are braver than I.”

7. Why not?

“Day drink.

I work nights. If I wake up at 7 pm and start the day off drinking a cocktail, I’d consider myself an al**holic with a drinking problem, again.

The same can’t be said when I get off at 7am and have myself a drink at 9 am, imo. But society will say I have a drinking issue due to the lack of context when I do this.”

8. Not in the mood.

“Say “leave me alone, please” when someone tries to talk to me and I’m not in the mood.

I’m not angry, just don’t want to talk. In my imagined world, people won’t take it personally at all.”

9. Don’t do that.

“Punch a kid in the mouth

Some of them just have smart ass mouths and deserve to get b**ch slapped but unfortunately I can’t just do that.”

10. Be free!

“Be naked.

Epecially on hot days.

It would be so refreshing.”

11. Impolite.

“Stare at people.

I like observing people, how they interact with each other and understanding what’s going on in their lives.

But I don’t know how to do it inconspicuously.”

12. Listen, kid…

“Discipline somebody else’s kid!

I swear to god, these parents just let their kids do whatever they want and if you say something, people get mad at you.”

What would you do?

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