FACT: no one likes to get embarrassed in front of other people.

It’s humiliating and, if you’re anything like me, your face turns a deep shade of red that makes it obvious you’re bothered by it.

But do some people deserve it sometimes?

Check out this story and see if you think this woman went too far…

AITA for telling my husband’s parents to stop telling people my name is Katherine and for embarrassing them in front of friends?

“My name is Rynn. Just Rynn. Not Katherine.

But ever since my ILs have met me, they have gotten the idea that my actual name is Katherine and Rynn is just a nickname. I have asked them not to introduce me or tell people it’s my name but they always go back to it. My husband and I took a small break from them when it continued and they apologized and seemed to be doing better.

Then for my MILs birthday we were invited to celebrate with them and a couple of her friends came up to me and asked if I was Katherine. They said MIL talked all about me. I decided to get a little bit jokey instead of annoyed and played up on it saying MIL is so forgetful and that I was so sorry she told them the wrong name.

That I’ll need to write my name on everything she owns so they don’t forget. Her friends found it funny but told her it was weird that she gave them the wrong name. She and FIL came up to me close to the end of the party and I told them to stop telling people my name is Katherine and they need to accept that my name isn’t up to them.

They claim I was rude and that it was awful for me to try and embarrass them in front of their friends (by joking with MILs friends). My husband told them they should have listened. But they are saying I took it too far and maybe I did.


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