If you said you’ve never daydreamed about what you’d do with a billion dollars, I’d say that you are a LIAR.

We’ve all done it!

I think I’d throw my phone in the trash and go to some tropical island for about a month just to chill and take as many naps as possible…and then I’d start scheming and figuring out who would get how much money…

I just really hope it wouldn’t turn me into an evil person…

What would you do first if you became a billionaire?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Just chillin’.


With that kind of money I could afford not to do anything for a while.”

2. I like this.

“Revive my favorite TV shows.

I don’t care if anyone is already d**d.

We have CGI for that.”

3. You do you.

“I’d employ a law firm that semi-exclusively litigated my petty squabbles with the world.

False advertising.

Cop car paint colors.

Whatever else that bothers me.”

4. Sounds like paradise.

“Buy my own private island and have a house built that is designed to give me the best possible sleep I could ever have.”

5. Amazing.

“Build a large homeless shelter with therapists to show them how to get back on their feet.

I was homeless for 6 years.

You are mentally different after that.”


“First thing… hire a lawyer.

Second thing, hire security.

Third thing, pay off every living expense my family and friends will have for thier entire life.”

7. A simple plan.

“This will sound cliche…

Take care of friends and family.

Invest the majority.

Travel for remainder of my life.”

8. A lot of cash.

“A billion dollars is more money than I could spend in a lifetime.

I’d work with a financial advisor and an attorney to figure out how much I need to comfortably live the rest of my life as well as how I should go about securing stocks/bonds/other money generating assets.

Then I would take that amount, match it for both my siblings and my parents, and then figure out which modern day efforts/charities would most benefit from the money.”

9. Nice and easy.

“I’d pay off the house and bills.

Then just kick it and enjoy my time with my wife and kids.”

10. Gotta do it!

“Give half to my parents, make ’em comfy forever.

Least I can do to repay their kindness.”

11. Here’s the deal.

“Buy new t-shirts and underwear.

Purchase land, build sanctuary with tiny homes, apply to become a haven for refugees of war.

Pay off my house and buy my daughter a horse.

Buy Bitcoin on a dip, sell it high then drive around everyday giving people big wads of cash randomly.”

12. Do some good work.

“Pay off student loans for people.

Finance infrastructure projects.

Finance educational facilities.

Provide health care for people.

And invest properly to keep more billions coming.

13. Got it all figured out.

“I would become a secret benefactor like the Spider in Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations.”

I would secretly find amazing people in the world and start sending them money and gifts that would help them to expand and grow their amazingness.

I would start secretly paying off student lunch debt.

I would secretly payoff layaway items at stores around the US in December.

I would secretly hire a construction company to just show up in Flint, Michigan and start fixing all the plumbing.

I would secretly fund library trucks that come into lower socioeconomic neighborhoods to provide every child and adult with 20+ age appropriate books for their home in order to create a grass roots neighborhood learning program that would encourage the sharing of books with others throughout the community. Nobody would know why but the book mobiles would just start showing up once a week in public places.

I would secretly offer public schools funding for music, art, philosophy, personal finance and REAL American and world history courses that would actually prepare our amazing children with the skills and knowledge they need to be amazing humans.

I would secretly buy plots of land in industrial parts of cities like Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles with high homeless populations and start adding small, recycled homes to give every homeless person who needs a roof and clean water services like public showers and sinks.

I would then secretly sponsor a free healthcare truck for every location to ensure all the homeless residents receive medical, dental and mental healthcare including drug and al**hol counseling, needle exchange to assist them in regaining control of their precious lives while receiving the help and care they need. All just to prove how successful they can be.

All of this in secret to give everyone in the world some hope that there is some secret person out there looking out for people who do good for the world and those in society who are currently unable to care for themselves. You know, hope, which many of us have lost.

My hope is this secret, pay-it-forward support would encourage other millionaires and billionaires to feel peer pressure to engage far more of their wealth on specific funded programs in the world that actually physically help and reward deserving folks. 🙂


How about you?

What would you do first if you became a billionaire?

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