There’s almost no better feeling in the world than dropping a class that you truly hate…especially if you do it in time to get a full refund…

But sometimes you don’t really know what you’re getting into until those first few classes. That’s when sh*t gets real.

And that’s also when you decide if you’re actually gonna go through with completing the course, or not.

Folks on AskReddit shared the red flags to look out for that should make you want to drop classes.

1. Out of your league.

“When the first day’s intro is way over your head and includes concepts and terminology you’ve never heard of…

And you look around and realize your classmates seem comfortable and familiar with what the professor is saying.

That’s when I realized it was not the class for me. Happened to me twice.”

2. Yikes.

“The teacher being proud of having a low passing rate

Maybe improve your teaching. Sure classes like organic chemistry will have lower passing rates bc it’s memorizing a lot but come on, you want your students to understand your class.

It’s a teaching job, not a ‘fail everyone you don’t like’ job.”

3. Hmmm…

“Took a college course where the teacher printed a name tag for you on cardstock.

Had to keep it in good condition the entire semester and got points taken off if it wasn’t on display on your desk or if it became damaged.

No replacements allowed.”

4. Not cool.

“Microprocessors class.

Online with no actual zoom sessions. Just email. Might as well be a self paced instructorless course.

Resources include links to crappy or non existent YT videos, and a giant pdf of some outdate mind numbing textbook, 80 pgs of assigned reading per week. Instructor has does not engage.

When asked for some alternative internet resources, says “any search engine will help you with that.” Has “super high expectations” but then randomly gives you 100s or says that the assignment was secretly extra credit and doesn’t matter anyway.”

5. I’m done!

“”Look to your left.

Look to your right.

Only one of you will pass this class.””

6. Non-stop reading.

“First day being asked to read a 300+ page novel by the next class.

I’m sorry, I also have a job and 4 other classes, the world doesn’t revolve around your class.

I went straight to the registrar’s office and dropped.”

7. That’s ridiculous.

“Professors who refuse to let students use the bathroom during class. Or just generally treating college students like they’re children.

Listen, if I’m 22+ and paying to attend your lectures for my degree, I’m going to go pee when I need to.

Get off your high horse, this isn’t middle school where I need to ask for a hall pass.”

8. No, thanks.

“Professor starts off the first day with “I don’t believe in teaching.”

Proceeds to explain that we should just teach ourselves Advanced Physics out of the textbook, and he has office hours if we really need it.

Four people (myself included) had signed up for the class. I peaced out of there immediately.”

9. Whatever you say.

““None of your other courses matter – this is the most important course to you.”

Yep, sure professor.”

10. Sounds fishy.

“Textbook is mandatory.

Textbook isn’t available electronically.

Textbook is written by the professor.”

11. Over and out.

“”I don’t give out A’s.”

Attendance is mandatory.

Syllabus is a distant memory by the second class.

Your grade depends on anything outside your direct control (including – especially – other students).”

12. Banished to the hallway.

“If even on Day 1 the professor bans late students from entering the classroom.

It tends to be a sh*tshow throughout the semester.”

13. Unorganized.

“No syllabus on day one.

If a prof isn’t sufficiently organized to provide a syllabus, he or she is probably not organized enough to make their lectures useful or coherent.”

Have you ever dropped a class early on in a semester because you knew it was gonna be a nightmare right off the bat?

If so, tell us your stories in the comments.

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