I visited Russia for 10 days back in 2003 and let me tell you, it was quite an eye-opening experience.

Many things just work differently over there and it was a once-in-a-lifetime trip that I’ll never forget.

And it was definitely the biggest case of culture shock that I’ve ever experienced in my travels.

Check out what AskReddit users say is normal in their cultures but would be considered weird in other places.

1. Sounds nice.

“To leave the stroller (with the sleeping baby inside it) outside a café, while the mom/dad sits inside – if the weather is good. (Denmark)

It’s a common thing all over Scandinavia/Scandinavian Peninsula – I’m specifically mentioning Denmark because I live here.”

2. Give me a minute!

“In Malaysia, waiters hand the menu and just wait until you pick your dish.

It was a bit nerve racking so I rushed my order.”

3. You lost me.

“Using a puzzling mixture of metric and imperial measurements.

For example, measuring cooking ingredients in grams but measuring body weight in stones.”

4. Iranian slang.

“Some casual Iranian sayings of endearment:

“I want to eat your liver”

“I will sacrifice my life for you”

“My stomach is tight for you”

“Wishing your breath to be warm”

Not endearing, but “dirt on your head” if you are upset with someone, essentially meaning that you should be buried.”

5. Yeah, that’s weird.

“Celebrating a chubby, mystical, groundhog that can predict the end of winter based on its shadow.”

6. Please rise…

“In Kenya and India, when you go to the movies they play the national
anthem on screen before the trailers and everyone has to stand up.

I’d been away for so long that I’d completely forgotten this craziness and was visiting my mum, went to watch a movie, everyone stood up and I was so confused until the memories were unlocked.”

7. Odd.

“Addressing strangers using terms used for family members like brother, sister, uncle, aunty, grandpa, etc.

The most common being brother/sister.

We have unique words representing all 4 variations of little/big brother/sister.”

8. Huh?!?!

“Beating women with a bundle of twigs, throwing cold water at them and then spraying them with cologne as a part of folk tradition on Easter.”

9. Come on in!

“Being casually naked in same room with strangers, sometimes even with opposite s**.

In this case, it’s of course good ol’ Finnish sauna.”

10. You gotta pay.

“Guests pay to attend the wedding banquet.

Depending on who you invite, it’s quite common for the newlyweds to make a decent profit.”

11. I wonder where this is…

“Cheering in a pub when someone drops a glass.

Saluting magpies

Saying “bye bye bye buh bye, bye now, bye bye bye, buh bye…” a hundred times before you hang up the phone.

Going to the funeral of anyone you even remotely know. Our funerals can be massive.

Waving a salute to anyone you pass on the road.

Leaving the pub without telling anyone.”

12. All kinds of stuff.

“Saying “Well” as a form of greeting

Making fun of people you have just met as means to get along

Ending sentences with “yeah?”

Describing a funny person as a “gas man”

Referring to a male you don’t know as “your man” and “your one” for a female

In quiet areas, greeting strangers as you walk past them.”

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