Most of us struggle with self-esteem issues at some point in our lives.

For some, it’s when they are young, some deal with it in their twenties or thirties, and for others, it’s a lifelong struggle.

And that’s why it’s good to get as much help as you can if you’re dealing with it.

What is some good advice for people with low self-esteem?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. True.

“Physical exercise is useful.

Not because it “makes you look good” but because your heart rate will rise, so you blood circulation will rise, delivering oxygen and nutrients (and nice endorphins) to your brain.”

2. It’ll work.

“I had a massive problem with self esteem, essentially no ego, and didn’t consider myself in high regard at all.

Never thought fake it till you make it could work.

Tried it out and within a few months forgot I was faking it and the next thing you know I’m the most confident person I know. It will work.”

3. Good point.

“I was told “who cares?”

Now, that sounds awful. But truthfully, even people you see every day won’t remember what you wore or say. The only people who do care are those who like/love you.

And they understand if your self esteem/anxiety/depression gets in the way once in awhile. If they don’t understand, then they don’t matter!”

4. Baby steps.

“When you have depression and are stuck at home always thanks to quarantine, something as simple as getting up to take a shower can feel like scaling Mount Everest.”

5. Yes.

“Anybody looking at you and judging you closely enough to care about [whatever it is I’m insecure about physically or even behaviorally] has a serious problem that’s way beyond anything you’re worried about.”

6. You’ll get there.

“It’s okay to not be who you want to be yet. It’s not something that will happen overnight.

In the meantime it’s okay to rest and take care of yourself. You deserve it.”

7. You can do it!

“Choose something you think will be hard to do, then do it. Stick with it until you succeed.

Overcoming challenges is what builds real confidence and self-esteem.”

8. Get moving.

“If you live a sedentary lifestyle then going for a walk can be a great pick-me up for the brain.

Regular low-level exercise like taking walks can build good foundations for good general mental health.”

9. Stay positive.

“That you need to look at things with a positive mindset. It is hard to do even for me. But it works, for example let’s say you went for a run early in the morning but you stopped a lot during the run, then look at the fact you woke up early for it.

If you have a massive project and scared you can’t do it then break each part down into smaller tasks and use that as objectives and see it as of instead of not finishing the project in the day see it as you have done many tasks for the project in a day.”

10. Fall in love with yourself.

“I wanted to be liked. I kept looking for approval from others and I’d get a temporary high from people laughing at my jokes, complimenting my outfit or liking my posts on social media.

I had to make the shift inwardly. I started doing what I wanted to do instead of what I thought others wanted me to do. I picked up new hobbies, got in shape, meditated and worked on becoming aware of my negative self-talk.

I fell in love with myself. It didn’t hurt that people then started noticing all of the positive changes.”

11. Don’t even worry about it.

“A quote I wished I learned many years ago is “It’s none of your business what other people think about you.” and I believe that to be true.

Who cares what other people’s opinions of you are? Unless you are hurting someone or being a jerk on purpose, then let them think what they want!”

12. Take it to heart.

“As someone who struggles with poor self-esteem myself, I want to tell every other person with the same problem

“You’ve done well, I wish I could be more like You; anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Because, honestly, It’s hard. It’s Not Easy, It never was. This is why You deserve all the appreciation in the world for being able to go on with your life even when, deep down inside, you feel like you’re a waste of space; when you wake up in the morning feeling like absolute trash, but you STILL KEEP GOING. Hats off, truly.

I’m just a stranger on the Internet, and even I think that You’re a great person I don’t even know you, But I love you anyway. Keep Smiling. Always. You DESERVE to be happy.”

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