Being in other peoples’ houses can be weird because you never know what you might stumble across.

Scandalous photos, weird s** toys, videos and magazines of questionable nature, the list goes on and on.

And sometimes you find something that you really weren’t meant to see…

What’s the creepiest thing you’ve seen at a relative’s house?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Morbid.

“Wreaths of hair from d**d children. They weren’t a part of our family.

She’s just morbid. They are kind of cool though.”

2. Sounds like a horror movie.

“My great-grandmother’s house has a 1-meter tall jester/harlequin doll that’s just lying on a chair in one of the rooms.

Gave me the creeps.

It has a turnkey in the back that winds it up and plays a tune.”

3. Hmmm…

“We went to visit my great grandmother. She was ancient and only spoke German and had a really stern face.

I was exploring the house a little and found a closed door. When I asked my mother about it she said, “That’s your great grandfather’s room. He isn’t allowed to come out when they have company.”

I never met the man or saw a single photo of him. No one ever talked about him. To me, that’s creepy AF.”

4. Avert your eyes.

“My wife’s cousins.

Their p**n collection sitting in the living room for everyone to see. Still there every time we go.

Asked my wife about that and she goes “Yeah, that’s who they are. Just try to ignore it.” She said it’s been there since she was a kid.

Was just weird to me. They have kids around our age. So that p**n has been out in open view for their children to see since they were….children.”


“I visited my aunt and uncle when I was younger, they lived in a pretty small 3 bedroom in the dessert, northern AZ.

When I arrive my aunt says the guest bedroom is all set up for me, we spend the best few hours catching up and taking a tour around the property. When it’s finally close to bedtime I go into the room for the first time, and there are close to 50 dolls in there.

On the floor, on shelves along the ceiling, on desks, and they all looked right at me when I walked in. Saw Chuckie way to young while unsupervised so that was a hard pass.

They were already govt to bed so I just made an executive decision to sleep on the couch, but even from the other room I couldn’t sleep, I pretty much stared at the doorknob all night long imagining all those dolls colluding and waiting for me to fall asleep to open the door and come get me.”

6. Freaky.

“The light switch plate in my grandma’s bathroom is a naked dude in ab open trench coat (flashing you) and the light switch is his d**k.

Only bathroom in the house and it has never changed. I have had to flick his “switch” since I was a small child.”

7. He’s watching you.

“When I was a kid, my aunt and uncle had a roughly 2 foot tall statue of Charlie Chaplin by their fireplace.

For some reason it really creeped me out as a kid.”

8. Whoa.

“My uncle was a photographer for Life magazine during the Vietnam War.

When I was 10 my cousin and I found his horrifying images in a box in the attic.

His drug problems made much more sense.”

9. Now it makes sense.

“My aunt was a local artist. Not rich but had more money than anyone else in the family, lived in a big house, drove Cadillacs etc…Her art was nice, but nothing special.

One day my little sister crawled into my aunts art studio and wrecked a few paintings. My aunt went nuts and was screaming at my mom to keep a better eye on her kid. As this was going on I snuck into the studio to monitor the damage. My sister had ripped open a canvas of one very ordinary painting and damaged plain looking sculpture.

Tiny bags of full of white powder were inside both. All of a sudden everything about my wealthy aunt and her sh**ty art made sense. My dad made me promise to never talk about it but that was a long time ago.”

10. Nightmare fuel.

“When I was little I would stay overnight at my grandparents house all the time. I dreaded having to get up and use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

You see, my grandmother was from Italy and kept many things around the house from the old country. Pretty normal. Except for the Venetian Masks that were on the wall. In order to get past them I had to walk RIGHT NEXT TO THEM down the hall to get to the bathroom.

Couple that with old school candle holders that were on the wall that kept the hallway dimly lit in a yellowish tinge at 3AM was straight up nightmare fuel. There are all types on the wall. It felt like they were all staring at you the entire time.”

11. Psycho.

“Someone I considered to be my sister (known since we were kids): she had photos of me with my eyes and mouth scratched out in her room.

Not just photos of me alone, but even photos of the two of us and with others, and it was only images of me she’d tampered with even in group photos. Any image of me had my eyes and mouth scratched out.

No one else. At this point, we had been friends for a couple decades.

I stopped talking to her not long after finding that.”

12. He was thinking ahead.

“One of my great uncles has his casket already built and on display in their living room currently used as a bookcase.”

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