Eliminate hunger?

Make all weapons of war disappear?

Permanently fix the environment forever and ever?

I’m throwing out ideas for what I would consider doing first if I was granted Godlike powers…

But enough about me! Let’s see what folks said about this on AskReddit!

1. Mom.

“Cure my mom who has been d**ng from a mysterious illness.

It’s probably not actually that much of a mystery, doctors just stopped wanting to help her because she’s poor and can’t properly advocate for herself because her brain is being rotted out.”

2. I like it!

“Create a universal rule where any human who’s about to do something awful is compelled to volunteer at a local charity organization.

I’d determine the threshold and what constitutes awful.”

3. Knock it off.

“Explain it to every human at the same time so they’d stop fighting over religious differences.

Though I’m sure they’d just find something else to fight about at some point.”

4. Outta here!

“Erradicate fire ants by sending them to their true home…

The center of the f**king Sun”

5. Enough with the gravity.

“Reduce gravity sligtly during the day so everybody dont get so tired.

Also eveybody speaks the same language, no more barriers there.

Make sure fusion reactors finnaly work for clean cheap energy.”

6. Imagine that.

“Give everyone empathy.

Imagine what we could do if we all work together to seek to understand vs. the pursuit of “winning.””

7. Would get ugly.

“Expose literally everything every government has done to every human at once.

Like they just KNOW now.

Simply because I want to see the s**tshow that follows.”

8. Let ’em feel it.

“How about remove sociopathic tendencies from humans.

Let everyone that’s a**sed their position to feel actual remorse and guilt for once.”

9. Dropping out.

“First thing is quit college and my job, second is too acquire all knowledge in the universe, since I’m not getting classes anymore.”

10. Nice and easy.

“I’m gonna sleep for a while and not care about work because I’m a God and I can thrive and prosper with minimal effort.”

11. And then there was life.

“I’d create life on a random planet.

Accelerate time and watch them as they evolve while sitting on a giant bean bag eating nachos.”

12. Helping hand.

“I’d cure my best friend of her heart condition.

She’s been fighting it for her while life and every day I worry she might just be gone.”

Now it’s your turn!

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