What’s worse at work or school than a brown-noser?

Go ahead, I’ll wait…there isn’t anything worse!

It’s enough to drive all of us up the wall!

But, as you already know, these types of folks are everywhere…and I think we should all do our best to avoid them as much as possible.

So, what’s the worst example of brown-nosing you’ve ever seen.

AskReddit users shared their stories.

1. Bride-to-be.

“This coworker was getting married and she talked a lot about her wedding at work.

There was another coworker very close in age she bounced ideas off of and they became really close over the course of wedding planning and the bride used to call the coworker her work bestie and make all sorts of references to her coming to the wedding.

Bride-to-be eventually told coworker that she would have loooooved to have her at the wedding but there just wasn’t room for her, the amount of people had been settled on much earlier etc etc. Coworker understood and took it pretty well.

Turns out coworker is very well connected to some higher ups in the office and was later talking to someone who revealed that she had met Bride-to-be twice and immediately gotten an invite to the wedding. When they found out the lowly coworker hadn’t been invited the higher up didn’t want to go and convinced a whole bunch of other higher ups, who also barely knew the bride and had gotten invites, not to go either because Bride was clearly using her wedding for networking.

The bride to be got a pretty s**tty reputation as a suck up after that.

Also it was extra weird because we work in a pretty tame white collar office where you don’t need to be a crazy networker to have a successful career or rise in the ranks. Like I know in some industries you kind of have to invite your boss, but this isn’t one of them.

Plenty of people don’t invite anyone from their work to their wedding and no one really cares.”

2. Yes, boss.

“I had a boss who was into “finer” things of life. Good quality clothes, expensive wine, exotic food, cigars from all over the planet, heaps of watches and expensive cars type thing.

So a co worker of mine, within two weeks of beginning bought my boss some cufflinks worth in the hundreds. Over the course of two year this co worker became known as a yes man. Never disagreed with the boss at all.

He also self appointed himself as his right hand man always telling other people how to do things because that’s how the boss would want it. (Kinda like a less aggressive version of Dwight from the office)

Any way a position officially opens up to become supervisor (second highest rank) of the department. Naturally my coworker went for it, telling everywhere would listen he would get it because the boss promised it. What he didn’t know is that the boss was leaving, named the then supervisor as his successor, who then picked some one who had been working there for about 9 months.

Need less to say my co worker has been acting very distant to the new manager and supervisor.”

3. Group interviews sound horrible.

“I was in a group interview once where I was one of probably 12-15 people.

Group interviews are pure gold for a** kissing. In that interview, we had a guy that tripped over a table and knocked it over because he wanted to be the first one to shake the interviewers’ hands.

Also a lot of, “and if you pick me then I will bring this talent to the company…” bulls**t.”

4. This is amazing.

“During a meeting with about 6 people around a table, the male boss spilled his drink on his own lap and ruined his trousers.

As he got up to leave, this male co-worker took his shirt off, kneeled, and proceeded to try and dry the boss’ trousers with his own shirt, in a position that everyone immediately understood as totally akin to a bl**job about to happen. To make matters worse, after two or three strokes, we all could see through the trousers that the boss had an instant massive hard on that he couldn’t hide even if he wanted to. So there we were, watching bad quality amateur p**n live in the office.

After about 30/40 seconds of this, the boss looked around and must have seen our faces so he left immediately. And the co-worker just went back to his chair and sat there, shirtless, like nothing happened. We’re all like ‘ok, this meeting is over’ and start to collect our belongings to leave as the boss comes back with a fresh pair of trousers in full business mode so we conclude another 20 minutes of the meeting with a shirtless boss-masturbating dude sitting at the table.

The se**ual tension between them was so palpable that I really hope they had a go at each other afterwards.”

5. Trying to look good.

“I know a guy who basically just summarizes group meetings at the end and then asks people if they have questions or if he left anything out just to make it look like he has leadership potential and is contributing.

Horrible, incompetent worker but sure knows how to make himself look good.”

6. I stayed late!

“I worked at a digital marketing startup for about a year. Most of the employees were in their early to mid-20s (so was I at the time), and management absolutely played favorites.

Working late hours was a solid way to get management to notice you, even if your work didn’t necessitate staying late. I once got s**t for leaving at 5:30, even after working a full 8 hours and getting all my work done.

One morning we were all having a company meeting and one guy mentioned how tired he was since he stayed in the office until 10pm the previous night.

Immediately, this other guy loudly says “Well, I was here until 11!” Then he literally looked around to make sure management heard him.”

7. Follow the rules.

“I wasn’t there to see it, but have been told it many times.

During Christmas we have a secret Santa with the rule it can only be worth $20 or less. One woman ended up getting our big boss as her secret Santa, and instead of sticking to the $20 rule, she brought an expensive handbag and wine for our boss.

Our boss, seeing how it definitely wasn’t $20 or less, had to find out who it was, and tell her to return it as it would be seen as a form of bribery in the workplace and well, obviously did not follow the secret Santa rule.”

8. Gross.

“I had a co-worker who recorded a talk between two of his colleagues on his phone who were discussing the boss’s recent decisions.

He then took said conversation to the boss. Nothing happened except nobody trusted him from then on. He was an unpleasant, aggressive person also.

It’s funny because throughout his entire employment with us he accused everyone around him of being snakes. Where in reality he was the biggest snake of all.

He got fired after he got into a shouting match with one of the cleaning staff. And he even expected me to stick up for him because I helped him out when he first joined. I did not and recommended termination.

Absolute scumbag. Never ever want to see that piece of s**t human being ever again.”

9. Jeez…

“My immediate supervisor and I were doing a job offsite at a partner company’s lab, like an hour’s drive from our company, and we finished our task at like 4:30, and I was like, f**k it, lets end the workday.

He insisted on calling the director and inform him we were done working offsite, and ask him to officially give us permission to go home a half hour early.

The director was like, “You called and bothered me to ask this? JUST GO HOME, seriously, you two are out in the field because you’re supposed to be able to make decisions like this on your own.””

10. Just got right in there.

“The girl my boss hired to help me and I trained started having an affair with the second in command.

For the next year I got to watch her, feed him fruit with her mouth while doing almost nothing all day. She would go on 2 hour lunches.

Got promoted, a raise and I had to continue to take the load of the work she was initially hired for.”

11. Fakin’ it.

“I used to work with a girl who would always change her voice whenever she would interact with our boss to try and seem s**y.

Her voice would literally go up several octaves in tone and she would adopt this Valley Girl type of inflection.

If he wasn’t around she talked completely different.”

12. What a tool.

“One of my co-workers is the biggest tooI have ever met.

I have worked part-time for the company for 7 years and met hundreds of people none of which I disliked. Sure there were people I would not hang out or even talk with outside of work, but at work I got along. This kid (m21) is on another f**king level and I can actually say I h**e him.

First day on the job he comes in and acts like he owns the place. Two guys were working on this project and he comes over and says “Yea, good job on this part. This is how I want this done around here” both these guys are in there 30s, been with the company for years and just stand there looking at him like he is stupid.

He always called himself the smartest person in the department, and how he is going to run this place. And because he finished his bachelor’s a year early he is a genius. Also because of his degree he thinks he understands the inner workings of running a business perfectly. This kid letures on about efficiency all the time, yet he is on his phone 80% of his shift or talking.

Everyone h**es this kid. Department managers, full timers, and even vendors from outside the company can’t stand him and talk nasty behind his back. He is clueless. 6 people reported him to HR, which our rep doesn’t like him either lol. They had a meeting with him and changed nothing.

The while reason he can act like this is because he is friends with our corporate district managers son. And he snitches to this guy about stuff going on. It’s bad enough he is a tool and a snitch, but it’s even worse that this DM listens to him, even though he does nothing.

Thank God I am leaving that job soon.”

13. Trying to prove himself.

“The worst was a guy I worked with at my last job doing HVAC…because the boss was going to get a full report on whatever crew he worked with that day.

If you said something negative about the boss, he was going to tell. If you were a minute or two late coming back from lunch, he had a pic on his phone with the time stamp. If you didn’t hang something perfectly level or straight, he’d toss a level on it, snap a pic, send it to the boss. He also came in every Sunday and washed all the trucks (with no pay) to make sure we kept a good image,

Found out eventually it had nothing to do with the job…he was just dating the boss’s daughter and he was trying to “prove” himself.”

14. What a jerk.

“Had a coworker in my marketing team who was a lead designer.

He was often pretty dismissive of junior level employees, or would try and one-up everyone’s stories (you tell him you stayed at a hotel at the beach over the weekend, he tells you he stayed in a penthouse at the same beach for a whole week).

He also always tried to be in proximity of senior staff members and would brag loudly if they were within an earshot, hoping they would hear how awesome his life is, I would assume.

One day, a VP from our company had come up to talk to somebody in a pod close to ours. The pretentious designer loudly asked me about my weekend, I gave him an answer.

He responded loudly, one upping my answer, noticed the VP wasn’t paying attention to him at all, quickly got up, hovered behind the VP while he was talking to the other employee, eventually the VP cracked a joke and the designer let out the loudest, fakest laugh I’ve ever heard, startling the VP, who up until then was not aware that this guy was standing behind him. VP just got an awkward close lipped smile, quickly nodded his head, and walked away.

Designer came back to our pod, sat down, and started working as if he was never mid conversation with me.”

15. Embarrassing.

“Coworker would talk up the boss during meetings.

“Mrs. Boss, you’re the smartest person I’ve ever known! I wish I had some of your brains.”

16. A real a** kisser.

“Other receptionist at my work is a huge a** kisser.

Calls herself the head receptionist when she’s really just a part timer that doesn’t do her job right. Will constantly have “meetings” with the bosses and take credit for things other people do.

Most recent example is when a client brought us donuts and left them at the front desk. I was in a room but heard the convo between the client and her about the donuts being a gift.

Then heard her walk to the back and announce to our boss that she (receptionist) ordered them donuts because they work so hard.”

17. That’s enough.

“Fake laughter at the boss’s jokes.

Laughter that goes on for WAY TOO LONG so that even the boss notices and gets PO’d.”

18. Cringeworthy.

“This f**ker at my work was just promoted because he’s an a** kisser.

Constantly jumps over people to perform a task, but only when the manager is around, that kind of c**p. Recently, he wrote on our manager’s door (he has a dry erase board for messages) “(Managers name) is the GREATEST”.

F**king cringe. I h**e this dumba**, and I respect my manager less for falling for it.”

19. Weird.

“This was actually pre-work.

Canada’s largest airline had an unqualified secretary screening the applications for pilot positions. She would determine who got interviewed and who got put to he bottom of the pile.

Some guys would send her chocolates…literally….and get an interview two days later, where others had waited years. Others would send flowers.

It was close to criminal the way she got bribed, and there were a lot of examples. She was finally heavily demoted for her actions, but she should have been canned.”

20. Annoying.

“I called my boss by his first name and my coworker scolded me after he walked away saying, “No! You call him MR. so-and-so”.

She’d also always go out and buy him his lunch.

He cut your maternity leave short and he underpays you. What’s in it for you?”

21. You are The King.

“At my job there was this guy who kept buying his direct supervisor lunch every day.

One time the supervisor asked him why he kept doing it, he responded with “The king’s gotta eat”.

Everyone in the immediate area cringed super hard at that, including the supervisor.”

22. Incredibly annoying.

“One particular co-worker is almost insufferable with his behavior.

Constant trumpet blowing with his lackluster work, endless comments about how much money he has, degrading other team members to get some kind of moral high ground and get in good graces with management.

What’s more cringe is his posts and interactions on the team member WhatsApp group, really fake or cheesy c**p that definitely is not his character at all.

Basically everything that he does involves trying to s**t on someone to look better at his job.

Anyway, he thought he was top s**t after one of the managers recently left and applied to take the advertised Duty Manager role. He was shut down almost immediately and apparently one of the night managers straight up told him that they did not want him to work nights due to nobody wanting to work with him.”

23. No thanks.

“As a blackjack dealer in a casino I had a floor manager that h**ed me. The feeling was very mutual.

One day I was secret shopped and received a 100% with some outstanding personalized comments on it. The higher ups were so impressed that the head of Table Games came down from on high to give me 50.00 worth of cash gift cards (unheard of, we normally get 5.00 buffet vouchers).

This all took place in front of the floor who h**ed me. Then he reaches in his pocket and hands me a card for “an entry into a drawing for a 10.00 cafe credit” and tells me I did good. F**ker used my 15 seconds of fame to make himself look good to the dept head.

It kinda backfired when I handed it back and said “no thanks, I know you don’t mean it.” Dept head hauled my a** upstairs and asked what I meant. I didn’t need the job so I unloaded every single instance of harassment, s**ual harassment, hr investigations, and backed them all up.

Covid hit while he was suspended and he was not invited back when they reopened.”

24. Wow.

“I had a coworker that went to the boss’s apartment to massage his feet.

The boss was a power-mad tyrant with zero oversight.

The coworker was a complete sh**bag. I think he made it to work on time only 1 time in 2 years. And he was a compulsive liar. He lied about s**t that he didn’t even need to lie about.

Coworker was having car troubles so the boss let him borrow one of his cars. The coworker let slip that he had been at the boss’s place massaging his feet.

He said it absentmindedly, as if he wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying. I was like, “Hold up!” He tried to claim he was just joking about it but I could tell the truth.”

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