I want you to think long and hard about this question

What’s the absolute worst thing that someone ever said to you?

The thing that still sticks in your mind long after it happened?

Yeah, we all have one of those…

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

Thanks, Mom.

“My mom told me that if anyone got close enough to really know me, they’d find out what a b**ch I am and have nothing to do with me anymore.”


“”When I think of how you’ve ruined your life, I want to k**l myself”

-My father to me at 18 in my final year of high school.

It was the the only promise he kept.”


“My boss pointing at me said to my coworkers “He may be fat but he is the most hard working person here”.”


“When I was 10 years old in the emergency room, the 2 ER physicians were arguing loudly in front of me about whether or not they were going to have to remove my injured eyeball.

After realizing the doc who was pulling for me only had one eye….I threw up.

Still have my eye 30 years later.”


“When I was 11, my dad told me that my mom wouldn’t have s** with him, so he tried to hang himself, but it didn’t work.”


“My mom told me that she wishes I was never born. I wasn’t planned but they always told me I was a “surprise”.

One day when my mom drank a little more than usual, I told her I loved her and she looked me in the eye and said “I don’t love you. I wish you were never born.”

I haven’t stopped thinking about that, it was just us two in the room when it happened and she doesn’t remember it. It scared me and I don’t think I will forget it.”

A terrible thing to say.

“In middle school I got more comfortable talking about being adopted.

I was walking down the hallway and a group of boys in my class laughed and said “Dumpster baby.”

That has stuck with me.”


“”See, not even dogs like you. Your own mother probably doesn’t love you either.”

I didn’t take it seriously and I know it to be false but it’s a messed up thing to say.”


“While speaking to a group of people as maybe a 15 year old, an older teen who apparently didn’t like me said if I wanted you to open your mouth I’d pull down my zipper.

Thirty years ago and I never forgot it. “

Family drama.

“”I will show up at your wedding and cause the biggest scene, you have a mortal enemy in me, i will f*** you up every chance i get and I h**e you for life”.

My sister because I was getting married again and that’s against Christianity.”

Didn’t get it.

“”I know what you’re going through with your brother’s m**der. My hamster d**d recently.”

No trace of irony.”

The favorite.

“My mom, d**nk at the time, put her arm around me in front of the entire family and said, “Chuck, you have always been my favorite.”

I’m John, Chuck is my older brother.”

Time to get a new job.

““You’re lazy and weak.”

My former boss during my second week of work. I’ve been there for 6 years now.

Still h**e that dude.”

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