I remember sitting in a laundromat in Chicago in 2005 and watching Tom Cruise jump up and down on a couch on Oprah’s TV show and thinking to myself, “What the hell is going on here?”

And that moment turned into a weird pop culture moment that made people think Tom Cruise was even a little bit stranger than they already did…

What’s the most unexpected thing you ever saw on live TV?

Check out what folks had to say.


In the UK a TV personality and her son who is disabled were on a live tv show.

From what I recall the topic being discussed was online b**lying. When her son was asked about what to say to these b**ly’s his response was…

“Hello you c**ts”.

Absolute classic British TV right there.”

Tragic days.

“The Challenger Shuttle exploding on live TV while watching it as a kid in grade school.

And the September 11th WTC attacks while in college.”

The chase.

“The OJ Simpson Bronco chase.

They interrupted the NBA playoffs to show it live instead of the game.

It was surreal.”


“It was Thanksgiving morning in Los Angeles, and a news team went to surprise a family in need with a full thanksgiving dinner.

They showed up to the house, and I really think they went to the wrong place. The person at the door looked confused by the name the reporter was giving them, but they were live, and I’m sure the reporter was freaking out so she shoved her way into the home with the camera crew and a bunch of people with food.

They’re all standing in the living room, and the reporter is telling this bewildered woman about what food they brought. Then the woman, takes a picture off the mantle, and starts crying, telling the reporter her baby d**d.

The reporter was trying to turn the conversation back to the surprise dinner, but the woman only wanted to talk and show pictures of her d**d baby. It was the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen on live TV.”


“The reporter standing at a 45 degree angle, holding onto the street sign for dear life in a wind/rain storm as he was reporting.

And the two dudes casually walking past, not leaning whatsoever and without difficulty.”

A dangerous sport.

“A Formula One driver hitting a wall at Imola and attempts being made to resuscitate him on the track.

They weren’t successful. Roland Ratzenberger d**d during Qualifying and things continued to get out of control as crew, drivers and spectators were injured over the weekend and Ayrton Senna d&&d during the race.

Motor racing is obviously not 100% safe but the number of incidents and two fatalities over the course of a single event was astonishing. It really was like the track was cursed.”

Wardrobe malfunction.

“I was watching football (soccer) a few years ago and the referee stopped play for a foul.

The slo mo replay showed the fouling player grab the other player’s shorts as he stepped across him, and use them to try to stop his momentum.

The shorts stretched a long way, exposing his pe**s, which then proceeded to flap around in slo mo, for about 5 seconds, whilst the commentators pretended it wasn’t happening.”


“Hostage situation during the news.

The news presenter was talking when an armed man walked in and took them hostage.

It was wild.”


“In 2015, a reporter and her cameraman were g**ned down on live TV by a former employee of the station.

Still get sick to my stomach when I think about it.”

It’s cold out here!

“During the 2010 winter blizzard in the UK while the reporter was talking live on location a random dude was running in the background wearing nothing but swimming speedos.”


“When I was a kid I was watching the evening news. A politician came to the microphone with a Manila envelope.

Said hello to everyone then reached into the envelope and pulled out a revolver and put it under his chin and blew his head off.

On live TV.”

Have you ever seen something crazy unfold on live TV?

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