Hey, life isn’t fair!

How many times did you hear that statement when you were growing up?

I heard it all the time…and it turns out it’s pretty true across the board, including when you’re going to school. Hey, it’s just the way it is…

People on AskReddit talked about the most unfair suspension or expulsion they ever saw at school. Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Ridiculous.

“I’m in my 40s and this still sticks with me.

I had a classmate in 7th grade who was expelled (which, because we had only one each of junior high and high school, meant she was expelled from our entire district) because she was a Type 1 diabetic.

A teacher walked in on her with her insulin in the washroom, assumed it was drugs, wouldn’t let her take her insulin, and took her down to the principal’s office where she was immediately expelled.

Her parents were so horrified and disgusted they didn’t even fight it, just put her in private school.”

2. Big trouble.

“Suspended for the colour of my socks!

No joke!”

3. Where’s your homework?

“Kid in another class didnt have his homework in because he was at his grandma’s funeral.

Teacher told him “Maths Homework is more important than a funeral”

Kid lost his f*cking mind, and was suspended…”

4. Really dumb.

“The school expelled several students for a picture posted on Facebook. The principal said it promoted alcoholism.

The picture had a group of students in a party where you could see someone in the background holding a wine glass. It was a wedding.

The principal got the whole school and BoE to sue the students when the students tried to sue to have their expulsion nullified.

It ended when the school had to admit they were broke and had mismanaged the school funding. The students had their expulsions nulled but opted to go to other schools.

The school shut down a few years back and their buildings are now used for quarantine.”

5. He started it!

“Some kid at my old school got suspended for defending themselves in a fight.

The main guy who started the fight was suspended for SHORTER TIME.”

6. You’re outta here!

“Someone in my class got suspended because they farted during quiet time.”

7. Ugh.

“My brother was almost strangled to death by someone on the bus on camera.

So he punched them in the face to get them off.

Three guesses for who got expelled for a week and who got in school detention.”

8. An accident.

“I went to HS in the late 90s and we just got the Internet. This was the early Internet when any search could bring up p*rn.

Well, it happened to me, it was history class and we’re in the computer lab doing research, and what do you know p*rn came up on my screen. I was sent to the office, and they wouldn’t believe me it was accidental. I had never been in trouble before, but still I was suspended for the rest of the day.

Then it happened to other students/teachers, then they finally got filters on the computers. My suspension was never expunged nor was I ever apologized to, though.”

9. Didn’t even throw a punch.

“When I got a suspended for a week for fighting even though I didn’t throw a single punch or retaliate.

The other dude came after me, pushed/pulled and hit me a couple times and I kept saying “I’m not fighting you” because I was in the principals sh*t list and didn’t want to get into any trouble.

It was broken up and we had to report to the principal and I still got suspended for it.”

10. Teach them a lesson.

“Trading Pokemon Cards.

This was in middle school.

The school used my friends and I to set an example.”

11. Head slam.

“When I was in fifth grade a boy slammed my head into the bus window.

The school counselor asked me if I had considered that maybe he liked me and then they suspended both of us for three days, for some reason…

My mom tried to confront the school and they basically ignored her. She’s disabled and didn’t know what else to do at the time so nothing happened.”

12. Just a kid…

“She didn’t do any of her home work for several days bc her grandmother had passed away, and since her and her mother were the only relatives nearby they had to plan the funeral, make arrangements, etc.

Her mom wasn’t great so she honestly ended up doing a lot of it and just using her moms credit card (which her mom gave her permission to do). The following Monday she explained to the science teacher that she hadn’t finished a project she was supposed to bc she had been busy making the arrangements.

He said that was “a cheap excuse” and called in a counselor bc she was “allowing family matters to get in the way of school work” so he wanted the counselor to make her get over her grief so she could do the sh*tty project. She also got in trouble with other teachers who reacted similarly. I just remember being really p*ssed about it- she was such a sweet girl and you could tell just by looking at her that she was exhausted.

I understand that sometimes you have to put personal stuff aside, but she was like, 15 at the time. She was just a child, man.”

What’s the most unfair suspension or expulsion you’ve ever seen?

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