When you think about it, every job can be considered unhealthy if it’s taken to the extreme.

Heck, a person might work a normal desk job but the work environment is so toxic that it can be considered unhealthy.

You never know!

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“My grandfather was a trucker his whole life, he started his own business and raised 3 kids off of trucking.

Sleep deprivation, sitting still for 10+ hours at a time, an endless stream of black coffee and later energy drinks to stay alert, eating nothing but fast food and truck stop fare. And even when he was “home”, the phone rang non-stop, usually brokers asking him to run another load from VA to CA.

And to top it all off, he would be gone for weeks at a time, missing significant chunks of his children’s lives. And all of this, just to enjoy retirement for 2 years before d**ng of total kidney failure.”

They have it rough.

“Healthcare workers.

Chronic lack of sleep due to understaffing, potentially combative patients, various communicable diseases, sometimes threats from patients/their families.”

Not worth it.

“I bartended for 10 years.

Stopped almost exactly a year ago and while I loved being in that industry, getting out made me realize that drinking almost every day and doing drugs just to keep being able to handle those crazy weekend shifts wasn’t as fun as I justified it to be in my head.”


“I am surprised by how miserable of a job as a teacher has become.

As a child, they were the paramount of smart and caring but as an adult, all the friends I have that are teachers (one very good friend and 1 semi good friend) are miserable.

It seems to me as an outsider they have been stripped of all creative and thoughtful control and are there to produce numbers and check all the boxes on useless procedures.”

Not good.

“Vloggers who document every moment of their day.

The narcissism and lack of respect for others while they’re filming feels very unhealthy.”



There are the odd few that take care of themselves and are decent humans.

Most of the guys I work with are divorced al**holics that try to avoid child support payments.”


“Being a doctor.

You’re basically fu**ed every single way for the first 30 years of your life. You’re made to feel you have to be absolutely perfect in your grades in your exams and you become hugely competitive while, often, not developing any other part of your life.

I know friends who got into med school at 18 via seven or eight-year programs who had no idea what they were in for and then crushed when they started medicine.

If you manage to get through medical school into residency, you’re likely going to have at least $400k in debt and then get worked to the bone making, on average, $60k a year working 80-100 hours a week without any normal protections most jobs have. Not only is the job long hours, it is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. But the whole time you’re being told you’re lucky to make the equivalent of $14/hour.

Along the way, it is difficult to find a life partner or even develop deep friendships outside of medicine unless you’re really lucky. Maybe training is over or maybe you have a few more years of fellowship.

You don’t get to start your life till you’re 30-40 years old. Sure, you’re making, even in the worst case, amazing $$ compared to the average person, but the path here is brutal and leave so many doctors in terrible shape.

Even when you become an attending, the job is still brutal unless you’re in a few, extremely selective specializations. You’re stuck between wanting to be a healer and the pressures of corporations to make profit and insurance companies to not pay you. So you basically become a robot who is basically processing people and putting a bandaid on things you know go deeper but you’re unable to do anything about it.

How do I know? My wife is in it. Most of my closest friends are in it. Some of them are lucky and don’t have debt, but most have a ton of it and are just starting life right now. I wouldn’t wish being a doctor on my worst enemy and it is the only profession I don’t want my daughter to be.”

Take its toll.

“Can confirm that being a flight attendant for 8+ years has taken a toll.

Night shifts into early shifts has ruined my circadian rhythm for good, working up to 14 hour days in a metal tube filled with hundreds of other humans who may or may not be carrying illnesses.

Trapped gas from being in a pressurized cabin every day, up and down up and down in altitudes.”

I love it, but…


And I say this as a journalist who is in love with her in job and wouldn’t change anything.

But constantly producing news at the speed of light is so, so, so bad for your mental health.”

Sounds miserable.

“President of the United States of America.

Just think of the enormous amounts of pressure to perform. It doesn’t matter what decision you make you will be criticized and made fun of.

Plus your decisions impact millions of people’s well being. (Not trying to debate, just saying).”

Up to your teeth.


You sacrifice 4 years of your life paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for the privilege to do work that your school makes even more money for, then likely another as basically a minimum wage resident, all to emerge with massive debt and a job that makes you sit in unnatural static positions and contort yourself, ruining your neck and back, and breathe in harmful vapors/chemicals and aerosolized biohazardous bodily products while losing your hearing to high pitched drill sounds and having people express their hatred of you on a daily basis. Awful job both physically and mentally.”

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