What do you think is the absolute invention of all time?

Something that has caused damage to the world that is irreparable?

While you think about your answer to that important question, check out what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. Scary to think about.

“Nukes were my first thought.

We’ve wired up our planet to explode several times over, it’s inevitable that a few of these get fired and trigger a nuclear winter/fall out by some dictator, hacker, terrorist organization, etc.”

2. History lesson.

“The cotton gin.

From what I understand, slavery was in decline in the U.S.

But the cotton gin dramatically increased slavery because while it made it easier to pick seeds out of cotton and increased its profitability, more land was needed to grow cotton and more slaves were brought over to grow and pick all that cotton.”

3. Bad stuff.

“Leaded fuel.

This stuff caused widespread lead poisoning and was responsible for millions of d**ths.”

4. You’re gonna burn!


The immense amount of social conditioning through absurd restrictions has held us back immensely.

Our art, science, food, s** lives, politics, culture, etc., etc., etc. have all been held back for thousands of years because controlling masses via religious ethics and dogma is an effective means of maintaining followers.”

5. Harmful.


Cheap and easy to make, but they remain active and people forget where they put them.”

6. Look into it.

“Fractional reserve banking.

By far the invention that caused the most injustice, social inequality, misappropriation of resources, and is the root cause of more problems than anything else in our economy.”

7. Kind of terrifying.

“Plastic. There is now nowhere on the planet you can go where it isn’t.

It’s in our bodies, the deepest parts of the oceans, on top of the highest mountains, in our drinking water.

Hell, it’s even on the moon.”

8. Bad stuff.

“Ci**rettes, a I simply can’t live at my house without smelling them.

It extremely dangerous and the people who s**ke them have no idea how dangerous it is to s**ke.”

9. A hot take.


Once there was a way to separate people, we became monsters of the social classes.”

10. Think about it…


A launching point for all types of demise for human society.”

11. Blame it on them.


Next time you see economy is f**ked, that’s because banks offered loans for people who could not afford them.”

12. It’s all an act.

“Social media.

Things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram leave people faking how great they and their lives are and leaving others feeling sad and unfulfilled, because so and so is off to Italy again.

Or has an amazing marriage and countless friends. The narcissism is way off the charts now because of it.”

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