Being a mother is not an easy job, particularly when you have a one (or more!) toddling around. All stages of childhood carry their own difficulties, but it seems the youngest years are the most physically demanding.

One mom took some of her precious alone time to explain exactly what she means when she says she “needs a break.”

It ain’t pretty, but it’s the truth.

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Her post starts:

“When I say I need a break.

I’m not saying I don’t love my family.

I’m saying going to the toilet with an audience, every time, can get tiresome.”

Your toddler doesn’t want you out of their sight. That means using the bathroom with your little one babbling about the train he’s trying to show you.

“When I say I need a break.

I’m not saying I wish I didn’t have children.”

It doesn’t help or make us feel any better when someone, who is well-meaning, tells us to appreciate these years…they go by so fast.

That’s not what it feels like and that’s not what we mean. We love our kiddos…more than anything.

That’s why we give them everything we have.

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“I’m saying it would be nice to put make up and feel good without prying foundation out of someone’s tiny hand.

When I say I need a break.

I’m not saying I want a holiday – even though one would be nice.

It would be nice to be able to have some alone time to get ready for a special evening out. Or for a little at home pampering.

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I remember, back in my toddler-mommy days, when my stylist talking me into buying an expensive deep conditioner for my poor, neglected hair. I laughed because the directions said to leave it in for 10 minutes before rinsing. But I bought it anyway.

My record for leaving it in was two minutes.

Anyway, you can read the rest of the mom’s post over at Love What Matters. It’s a good one, and it reminds us that it’s not selfish AT ALL to want a break.

So moms… take that break any way you can.

You need one!