It’s a fact of life that there are evil people in the world.

Some people are born that way and some go through experiences in life that turn them from seemingly normal individuals into total monsters.

Who do you believe is truly evil?

Check out how AskReddit users answered that question.


“Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

The tape recording of one of their young victims crying for her mum while being tor**red is awful. They refused to say where they buried Keith Bennett and that boy’s poor mum d**d without knowing where he was.

I hope they are forever being tortured in Hell.”


“I knew a guy who retired from an investment firm before he was 40.

I inquired if I could get a job at the firm. He told me, “if you can look a woman in the eyes who’s scrubbed floors all her life and tell her that you can quadruple her life savings by investing in a stock you know is worthless. Then you could work there”.

I felt sleazy just listening to him. I lost all respect for him. He preyed on poor desperate people, and ruined their lives, so he could retire in his 30s.

I found out from a friend that the investment firm was a boiler room fly by night scam. Everyone who worked there was taken out in handcuffs.”

Bad news.

“Anyone on the boardroom of a cable news company in America.

You look outside and you see our society on the brink of collapse and yet you choose to present this as what’s important to Americans?

Infotainment and consolidation need to go. We need more voices – and some of those have to be antagonistic to your sponsors, too. We need a Fairness Doctrine 2.0.”


“Eric Harris (from Columbine) was a pure psychopath.

Enjoyed ki**ing and was totally remorseless.

It’s mental illness but it results in truly evil behavior.”

Fall from grace.

“Harvey Weinstein.

I can’t believe the number of cowards who protected him and turned a blind eye to his behaviour (I’m not referring to his victims here).”


“As a Houstonian that lost his house in Hurricane Harvey, Joel Osteen, that leech can go f**k himself.

Fun fact, his megachurch is down the street from the Art Institute of Houston and is approximately twice as fu**ing big.”

The dictator.

“Vladamir Putin.

At his command over 300,000 died so far. An unknown number of UA children abducted and their identities erased.

Homes destroyed, lives disrupted. And after scarring Ukraine he steals the future of the Russian people.”

Do you know about him?

“Kenneth Copeland.

I don’t believe in religion but anyone willing to scare you into fueling their lavash life with threats of eternal da**ation or that a mythical being will be angry with you if you spend money on food rather than the church, is using it as a get rich quick scheme.

Playing with people’s fear is an evil thing to do.”


“Senator Rick Scott of Florida.

Read about his tenure as CEO of Hospital Corporations of America prior to him getting into politics. Under his leadership the corporation was indicted and tried for fraud in what was the largest fraud case in US history.

The case resulted in a fine of 1.7 billion, the largest in US history at the time. In another unrelated lawsuit, Scott invoked his 5th amendment privilege a whopping 75 times.

The man is one of the most dishonest politicians in the US, and that is saying a lot. How he got to be governor and now senator befuddles me.”

All about the money.

“Rupert Murdoch.

He’s almost single handedly destroying democracy with fascist fake news in almost all free Democracies and just for profit.”

Who do you think is truly evil?

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