Have you ever been watching a movie or a TV show or reading a book and said to yourself, “wait, I’m supposed to like this person?”

We’ve all been there!

And today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about the worst main characters that we’re supposed to sympathize with.

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Come on, kid!

“The kids from the Trix cereal commercials.

All the rabbit wants to do is eat some cereal, but the kids won’t let him just because he’s a rabbit. “

Just a dumb American.

“Emily from Emily in Paris.

She f**ks up and barely suffers the consequences. Sleeping with a friend’s partners and still remains friends with both of them openly.

Screws up business opportunities, nothing besides a slap on the wrists, and somehow, it’s magically resolved.

And her whole ” I am a dumb American, bon apple tea!! And she dresses like if Harry Styles was colorblind.”


“Mark from “Rent”.

I love Rent but as I get older the more ridiculous it gets. Mark is a rich kid who has parents that love him but he runs off to cosplay as someone who is poor to make “films” which is really just him pointing his camera at poor people all day.

He doesn’t think he should have to pay rent to Benny because they were friends and he let them stay for free for a long time and he thinks that should just last forever? Then he finally gets a job but quits because it was “selling out”.



“Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy.

Dude’s son straight up got kidnapped and his wife got injured to the point she couldn’t perform surgeries because his step dad put a hit out on her and it STILL wasn’t enough for him to leave his dumb motorcycle club.

His wife begged him to leave for their safety and he wouldn’t… she tried to leave on her own with her children and he stopped her. Then she ends up getting m**dered by his psycho mom…..

Dude was a straight up POS.”


“Cade Yaeger from the newer Transformers movies. Was Sam a good main character? No. Not at all. But d**n, Cade is horrible.

In his first, let’s say, 10 minutes on screen we learn that he doesn’t pay for his house, his electricity, he doesn’t pay his employee, he is a s**t inventor, overly protective of his daughter and all around an a**. And he only gets worse.”


“Debbie Gallagher from Shameless.

Truly a horribly selfish, self centered, and all around horrible person.”

A classic!

“Tom Cruise in Risky Business

There’s a setup in the beginning he’s in some business class where they’re supposed to come up with some business idea. Then his parents go away for the weekend. Cue that famous scene.

Tom Cruise, the protagonist and high school student, orders a pr**titute. The p**stitute turns out to be a man. But that p**stitute gives him another number to call and he finally gets a girl, and they bang.

Something happens where Cruise now needs money. He and the p**stitute he’s “befriended” decide to start a brothel in his parents’ house. A brothel that caters exclusively to Cruise’s high school friends. They make the money they need and then some. Parents come home none the wiser.

We end with Tom Cruise back in the business class failing the assignment because he was busy doing the whole child brothel thing, but ends with a voice-over where he’s proudly saying how much money he actually made.

Turns out he actually was a businessman!”

She didn’t care.

“Tori Vega from Victorious.

She kissed Beck in front of everyone just to get back at Jade, and she kissed Cat’s boyfriend because she was jealous.

And she didn’t seem to care that her “prome” prevented Jade from doing her performance.”

Screwing people over.

“Eleanor Guthrie from Black Sails.

We’re supposed to root for her because of the situations she’s often in struggling as an independent woman in a ruthless man’s world of the 1700s, but she f**ks over her supposed friends and everyone that’s ever tried to help her at every opportunity.

Then turns around and is shocked, horrified and plays the victim when they do it back. Classic narcissist.”

Oh, boy…

“Jerry from Tom and Jerry.

Now, nothing in the Tom&Jerryverse is really consistent and a lot of their dynamic depends on whichever studio did the episode.

But I remember a LOT of times when Tom wasn’t really trying to seriously hunt/hurt Jerry, he was usually toying with him like cats do or if he’d cross the line, he would immediately feel bad about it and then save Jerry himself.

Meanwhile Jerry, the little f**k we’re supposed to root for, uses that to his advantage to lure Tom into situations that genuinely would’ve k**led him if not for cartoon immortality.”

They’re all bad.

“Ted and the gang in How I Met Your Mother.

They’re terrible to a lot of people.”

Happily ever after?

“Chris Pratt in the movie Passengers.

Out of pure selfishness, the dude decides to ruin the bright future of a girl so that she has no other option than to live with him. She’ll never accomplish the great projects she had, she’ll never see any of her loved ones, she’ll never be able to even talk to another human being, she will live in prison for the rest of her days.

While the movie hints at the fact that he’s a selfish a**hole. It’s largely overbalanced by the idea that a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do to pursue [his own] hapiness. In the end, her stockholm syndrom is presented as a happily ever after ending.”

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