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Because we’re about to hear stories from AskReddit users about why teachers got fired from their schools.

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“Because he set up a camera in the middle school theater changing room (girl’s side).

He  was on the beginning of the video, turning the camera on and adjusting a modified shoebox he put over it to hide it. A student found it and took it home, watched it with parents.”

That escalated quickly.

“He was the gym teacher for over 30 years.

He volunteered to stand near the trash cans during lunch every day to ensure the students dumped their food and gave their finished trays to the cafeteria workers in an organized way. He had done this for decades. Even when my father attended that junior high.

One day, a student decided to toss her entire tray in the trash instead of dumping the contents and giving it to the cafeteria work. He removed the tray from the trash and gave it back to her. She threw a carton of chocolate milk at his face, close range. He responded by punching her in the eye.”

Sad story.

“History teacher never really taught history. Sometimes he’d just yell at the kids in class.

It got worse when his son d**d in Desert Storm. Then he spent half the classtime crying.

Assistant principal had to take over one too many days. Eventually he stopped coming to school and we never saw him again.”


“He was actually just a substitute. Left quicker than he arrived.

He told our class he practices judo so one student told him to show a move. The move he chose to demonstrate on this student in front of the class was a sleeper hold.

Put that mother**cker right to sleep and got charged with a**aulting a minor.”


“Embezzled something like $20,000 from the school field trips she was in charge of scheduling for the whole school.

All field trips that needed to be paid for she planned and took the money for. Overcharged the students but only deposited the amount for what the trip cost and kept the rest.

Did it for decades and stole about 20000 dollars over time. Not only fired but charged and found guilty. Not sure how much time she was given.”

A dangerous weapon.

“Had a samurai sword in his trunk, proceeded to unsheathe it during a fire drill because his lineup location was next to his car and show people…

The best part was that after he got fired people posted flyers around the school of him photoshopped with a samurai outfit with a caption of “ free my homie samurai so and so”.”

Fired for love.

“He was asked to resign because he was engaged to one of the other teachers.

They’re still happily married and he made more money as a carpenter.

Great guy.”

She was right…

“She got angry with a student (dude was an a**hole, and would disrespect her daily), so she said he was a witless brat that only passed each year because his father was a corrupt lawyer that paid the school so he didn’t fail every subject (she was right and everyone knew it).

She got fired a week later.”


“He was a great teacher, but it turns out there was a reason as to why he always closed his laptop when we walked by.

He was watching child p**n. IN THE 6TH GRADE CLASSROOM ON THE SCHOOL WIFI.”

You’re fired.

“All his classes were failing. He spoke unintelligible, didn’t explain anything well and if anyone asked a question, he’d respond with ‘ehm, ask someone else who does know’.

As if we ever wanted to ask him anything unless the entire class didn’t understand. This was my old chemistry teacher. He was fired halfway through the year, we then didn’t have any chemistry classes for a while.”

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