Hey, I’m no saint

I like to have a drink from time to time…even though I know it’s bad for me…

But that’s what humans do and have been doing since the dawn of time!

Let’s hear from folks on AskReddit about what they think are the modern-day poisons that we willingly put into our bodies.

Start now!

1. Not good for you.

“24 hour news cycles.

My grandparents. All day everyday.

It pains me to see it.”

2. Gross.

“Outrage. It’s straight up poison to your mental health, but we thrive on it, yearn for it.

Places like Tik-tok, twitter, and r/PublicFreakout pass it out like dealers for little more than some attention—poisoning people to feel popular. Worse, it’s useful to those in control, so there’s no escaping it.

Political parties and activists need you outraged, one-tracked, immune to real empathy, and motivated to solidify their power, so here we are.”

3. Don’t do it!

“I’m gonna say Vaping. I knocked it on the head as my New Year’s resolution.

First time I’ve been completely nicotine free, and still going strong, but I genuinely felt like I was about to cough my lungs up about 90% of the time vaping.

If I have to be honest, I don’t miss either, but I started vaping to stop s**king. I hate seeing young kids and teens do it- ones who wouldn’t have even considered s**king.”

4. People overdo it.

“Social media.

Deplatforming myself off of most social media has given me a huge change in mood for the better. I’m pretty sure with the amount of vitriol that gets thrown around in social media, I would have gone mental after a while.

I’m glad that I have given myself more opportunities to live in the moment of my life rather than deal with others judging me for superficial and wasteful reasons.”

5. Ugh.

“Commuting. I knew a guy who moved from the city to the suburbs so he could enjoy lounging around his house and playing the back yard instead of being in an apartment.

He spends more than hour commuting each way, meaning he gets home, does a few chores, watches a show or plays a game and goes to bed because he has to wake up early. He actually has less leisure time to enjoy life.”

6. Drives you nuts.

“Those talking videos with about three things happening on the screens at the same time.

Social media is already absolutely atrocious for attention span and having that many distractions on a 30s clip just exponentially enhances that problem.”

7. Sugar fix.

“Processed sugars.

Cutting sugar back makes me feel so much better. I’ve been in decent shape for most of my life. I got into running a lot last year and felt pretty good. When fall hit and the times changed, I slowed down my running.

Then I had my first kid in late fall and basically stopped running altogether. Lots of quick meals mixed with holiday food and sodas and sweets to keep me moving. I didn’t want to think about being hungry with a kid to manage, so I just munched on quick stuff that usually had lots of sugar in it.

I’ve cut that all back over the last few weeks and feel a lot better. The best part is not feeling bloated. I could almost feel my gut growing during that period. Not fun.”

8. The pop.

“As a gay man, I’m just really wanting to know when can we talk about the dangers of poppers.

Poppers is like the LGBTQ equivalent of weed. I’m not talking about the effect or intake method – I’m talking about how nobody EVER wants to even CONSIDER the possibility that it could be doing harm to your body, and especially your heart. Poppers used to be used to treat Angina.

They actively speed up your heart and cause an arrhythmia! Especially if you are mixing it with weed. It mimics effects like taking an upper and a downer at the same time. And because the effect of popper only lasts about a minute, most guys need to take them repeatedly to make the feeling last.

It’s completely normal for some guys to mix poppers with weed, viagra, m**h/“T”, etc.

Lots of guys are so addicted that they literally cannot have s** without it. I get so turned off when I have a hookup with a guy and he can’t go 30 seconds without huffing poppers. It’s such a stop-and-go activity that it’s honestly annoying and I hate the smell.

And you can buy a bottle here in Chicago for $15. There are even gay bars with popper vending machines.

Please stop using that s**t.

I could make the same argument for those compressed sprays that people mix with poppers like Maximum Impact or Rush.

But alas, nobody will listen to me.”

9. Cut it out!

“Soda. I used to drink it a lot.

I had terrible health issues and sleep issues. I cut it all out. Been maybe 2 years without it. I feel better, I’m sick less, I sleep better, and I function better overall. Just replace it with water. If you live in the western world you most likely have clean drinking water being pumped to your house.

I don’t believe on banning something because I don’t like it, but I do think that shit is poison. It’s also super addictive. The first couple weeks I cut soda out was rough. Then we give this to kids and it screws up their systems.

Edit: I’ve never had a comment get this kind of attention. Quickly going through the replies I want to say congratulations to everyone who kicked the habit or other ones like smoking. Second there are absolutely people not affected by it. If you drink it in moderation it’s not too bad. I admit I was really bad with it.

My main concern with it is that there’s nothing good about coke or Pepsi. It’s just sugar, caffeine, and addictive ingredients. That’s why I use the term poison. It only has negative effects with it. Now that being said if you enjoy soda than go for it. It’s your life.

If you can do it in moderation even better. The thing is we market it so hard to kids and many parents just let them overindulge. Again not all but a good chunk. My parents let me have way too much.”

10. Amen!


When you quit drinking you start to really notice how much advertising there is for it everywhere. Billboards, TV ads, stickers, banners, during sporting events, commercials, and every 5 minutes in any drama or comedy on TV.

Watching “How I met your mother” or “Mad Men” and taking a sip every time someone on the show does and you’ll be in a coma in no time.

So many shows have a “one on one” where someone walks over to their liquor cart in their office and pours whiskey. It’s everywhere.”

11. Not good for you.


No, not being angry or sad for legit reasons, but just choosing to look at everything in a negative light.

This is coming from an optimist so take this with a grain of salt.”

12. Wastin’ time.

“Those shorts videos that now are almost in every platform.

If you have problems with focus and getting s**t done then you know that if you keep watching them you might end up in the next day without even realizing you haven’t done anything yet.”

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