Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but that doesn’t mean that a little distance won’t put a some strain on relationships. Even the strongest friendships can suffer from extended time apart.

That’s why long distance friendships can seem pretty scary sometimes. Communication, closeness, and all that other amazing things we love about being friends with somebody suffer somewhat when people are far away. Still, no friendship is without its bigger challenges. Overcoming adversity, especially one like distance, has the potential to enrich a connection.

There’s another saying that goes, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and that tends to be truth in any friendship.

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The usual joys of friendship are few and far between when it comes to distance.

You can’t just casually show up at their house for an impromptu movie night.

You can’t hit them up for coffee at the last minute.

It’s pretty hard to hug them, too.

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But, the huge plus-side to a long distance friendship is that those small moments become all the more valuable.

You come to truly appreciate every meal or laugh with a long distance friend, even when they’re about to leave.

That’s precisely because you’ve stopped taking those little moments for granted.

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Plus, the comforts of the modern world have made long distance all that much easier.

There are phone calls, FaceTimes, and emails to keep in contact. Letters and care packages here and there help you and your pal feel appreciated and closer together than usual.

Although you can’t go on an impromptu shopping spree together, you can window shop at the same time on your favorite online retailer.

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There’s a school of thought that says long distance doesn’t have to be a make or break situation. It can be a beautiful way of truly appreciating friendship.

Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for a little weekend getaway.

Folks with long distance friendships, know that you’re not alone. Share your story with us in the comments.