Anyone who has ever spent time waiting tables will tell you there are some shifts that are just better than others.

Of course “better” can mean more than one thing depending on what you’re looking for – more money or easier customers – though Friday and Saturday nights are almost always going to be the most sought-after shifts.

Sunday lunch shifts can be tricky. They’re usually fairly busy, which is good for money, but the crowd can be a crapshoot.

Image Credit: TikTok

At least that was my experience – and these servers seem to be of the same mind.

In fact, TikToker @saint_hypnos calls the after-church crowd the “worst human beings on Earth.”


He said this in reply to another TikTok video from @jenmich416, whose video showed some super questionable behavior.

“The ‘Sunday morning after church’ is the worst type of customer. You won’t change my mind.”

Her video amassed over 700,000 views, and the stitch from @saint_hypnos has over 200,000 of their own.

“Absolutely, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s like recognized this. Sundays were always the worst in the diner, not because of the sheer amount of people that show up for like Sunday brunch; it’s the sheer amount of people that show up after church – because they’re the worst human beings on Earth.”

The commenters pretty much all agree, and boy howdy, do they have stories.


“We call em CAT. Christians against tipping.”

“A group of 20 brunch ladies showed up, verbally abused me/made me cry and then left one of those bible pamphlets that look like money as a tip.”

“They push their way through the crowded waiting area then get astonished by the fact there’s a 45+ minute wait.”

Image Credit: TikTok

Every server out there is going to have stories about customers, but it seems there’s definitely something to it if pretty much all of them have something to say about Sunday mornings struggles.

Are you a former server? Tell us your own stories down in the comments – we’re totally here for it!