Most of us probably have a hard time imagining what it would be like to become a widow at a young age – and thank goodness for that, right? We acknowledge that we might become widows or widowers when we’re older, but no one wants to think about losing a beloved spouse long before their time.

You know something else most of us don’t want to imagine or think about?

Learning that our spouse had kept a bunch of secrets while they were alive – including the fact that they’d had a mistress.

That’s exactly the situation that Bridgette Davis (@bridgettedavis08) found herself in after his untimely death, though, and she’s been dealing with those secrets along with everything else since he passed.


One of the craziest things she had to navigate was actually being the one to break the bad news to her late husband’s mistress.

The original text was cut out of the TikTok video she shared about her experience, but the other woman’s responses were pretty telling.

“F**k. I can’t believe this. I can’t, I’m losing it. I can’t do this again. He promised me.” …Can I go to where he was buried?”

Image Credit: TikTok

Bridgette replied to that question with a simple “No,” and her reply has the internet divided on whether or not she could have been kinder.

Some figured she’d actually been pretty kind to reach out in the first place…

Image Credit: TikTok

While others felt Bridgette was being petty and looking for revenge.

Image Credit: TikTok

Either way, I think we can cut her some slack, honestly. There’s no manual for how to handle grief and betrayal, separately or together, and she’ll likely feel differently a month from now and differently from that in five years.

For now I’d say she’s doing her best, and the other woman can handle her grief in her own way, too.

How would you have handled this in Bridgette’s situation? Would you have reached out or let her wonder?

We’re dying to hear your take in the comments!